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ppa, tppa, eieio.

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somebody asked me this week, after hearing through the grapevine that i'm a photographer, "are you a member of 'professional photographers of america'?" "no." i answered. "no?" was his indignant reply, followed by "what about the 'texas professional photographers association'?""nope." i replied, not really interested in the pursuit of this particular line of questioning."why not?", he continued. "why should i be?" i asked, taking my turn as the questioner.alas, his cell phone beckoned, serenading everyone within earshot with "golddigger" at full tilt boogie volume. saved by the - well, ringtone.the truth is this about the ppa & tppa, and all the other pa's available to me:i don't need to pay anybody to belong to a society/association/organization to claim to be "professional". there are many, many very talented photographers belonging to these associations, and good for them. i wish them only the best.there are also however, many not-so-talented hacks with cameras who call propping your tilted chin on the backs of your clasped hands "portraiture".paying annual dues allows you to call yourself a professional - the same way that going to church on christmas and easter allows you to call yourself a christian. thanks, i'll pass on the associations for my own personal reasons, begrudging no one for their memberships to any organization.on an unrelated note, one of my photographs is currently on mtv.com
cool for me .

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