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the ultimate worst way to start a monday.

i love love love my house. let me make that abundantly clear. my house is everything i've always wanted in a house. it's in the historic district and was built in 1921. it's 2100 square feet of hardwood floors - the original hardwood - fireplace, formal dining room, ginormous kitchen, huge laundry room, 3 large bedrooms, two bathrooms, a deck off of the master bedroom [mine], on a corner lot with a huge backyard,13 pecan trees and 7 oak trees. it has tons of beautiful built-ins that are original to the house, like the beautiful fireplace in the living room, the china hutch in the dining room, the leaded stained glass bar in the kitchen, the windowseat bench in the guest bedroom. i love that the third bedroom seems to have been destined to be my portrait photography studio since the day the house was built. i love the rounded front door, all the natural light from all the rope-pulley windows that still have their original glass panes, the huge side porch and the long long long hallway where i've hung my favorite black and white photography in black frames and white mats. i love my house.i love living in the historic district. i love the trees, the huge front porches, the white picket fences, the stately houses of stone and wood on all the sleepy tree-lined streets.
there is one thing that i don't like about the historic district, however. it's not the propensity for ghosts in all these one hundred-plus year old homes - that doesn't bother me so much... it's something else - i'm getting to it. so - that being said, my story unfolds thusly.
everything was going as planned.
i was doing exactly what i do every morning; i woke up to the alarm going off after hitting snooze for the absolute last time possible without making myself late for work. my alarm had woken my dogs hank & willie as well, so i knew i had scarcely thirty seconds to get them out the back door and into the backyard before they went weewee on the floor. walking towards my photo studio to let the dogs outside i eyeballed my guest bathroom and suddenly realized maybe i'd better not wait - the dogs weren't dancing as they usually do first thing in the morning, but i was starting to.
anybody who knows me knows that i have a bladder the size of a circus peanut... i have to pee at least twice in the middle of the night, every night, without fail. then, when the alarm clock goes off in the morning, it's a mad dash to the bathroom - something about the alarm going off sends me into emergency status... gotta go gotta go gotta go right now. the time had come, there was no more time to spare.
so, you can imagine my surprise when, this morning, i made my routine mad dash to the bathroom at 6:45 am, and when i flipped on the light, and was reminded of the one thing i don't like about the historical district...

this is currently at the top of my wish list.

happy f'n new year.


sick as a dog - this has to be the bird flu... really grody something-or-other coming out of my head as if there were a spigot installed on my face, swollen glands, watery eyes, window-breaking sneezes, stiffness in my neck, back and every other joint in my body, and the topper: weird rash e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e. totally itchy, maddening - could be measles... don't remember if i've had them. at any rate, when i'm not lying in my death bed, i'm scratching myself on a wall, just like a big old bear. classy. very sexy. right now, i couldn't care any less. everything freaking itches. oh my god stay away from me, i think it's catching - whatever it is. i'm sure i've caught malaria or eqyptian scarab flu, or something exotic and very dramatic. i have a doctor's appointment on wednesday, but i'm certain i'll be dead by then... i know i'm sick when my mother prescribes booze. hot toddies, and plenty of them. extra heavy on the toddy. happy new year, indeed. ringing in the new year as a total whiney-ass.

by the way,
this crap doesn't work.

shiny & new


let go, let go, just get in. oh, it's so amazing here, it's alright...

i guess maybe i'm getting older - and if that's what it is, then i'm really okay with it - but last night, new year's eve, i didn't want a party. i didn't want to be covered in strangers reveling in holiday spirit. i didn't want "noisemakers". i wanted something low-key, and i wanted it with only a very few people, just a few of my friends, those that mean the most to me. they're not blood relation to me, but they are definitely family to me.
corey, my best friend of 16 years came into town from atlanta, so he and i met shellie & fred, my two best friends here in town for sushi & sashimi at our favorite sushi restaurant and regailed one another with stories of past adventures and misadventures and laughed, sometimes til we cried. i sat back a few times, quietly watching as my best friend of 16 years and my two best friends of recent years began to learn each other, and it gave me a true sense of fullness; the sort of fulfillment you feel sitting around the table with family at thanksgiving. there was no envy, no jealousy, just friendship. just family. around 11:00, when we were done but not quite ready leave, our waitress (a lovely young woman who has settled here in the killeen/temple area from louisiana after evacuating from katrina, whose given birth name we came to find out is "precious") began chatting us up a bit, and after we'd all introduced ourselves to her by name, she asked "are you family?"we looked at each other for a second without anyone saying anything, curiously, and i said "well, sort of, yes." she didn't ask what i meant. no one raised protest of any kind. i think maybe we all felt it.
we rang in the new year at shellie & fred's house in salado while fred played the guitar, and he and i sang. we told stories, remembered people who have gone on, quietly respected an ailing american icon, and continued to laugh and cry together, these three wonderful people and me.i don't really remember what it was we were doing as the clock struck midnight, but i know i ended the last year and began the new year in exactly the same fashion -with my friends. my family.
happy new year.

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