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happy f'n new year.

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sick as a dog - this has to be the bird flu... really grody something-or-other coming out of my head as if there were a spigot installed on my face, swollen glands, watery eyes, window-breaking sneezes, stiffness in my neck, back and every other joint in my body, and the topper: weird rash e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e. totally itchy, maddening - could be measles... don't remember if i've had them. at any rate, when i'm not lying in my death bed, i'm scratching myself on a wall, just like a big old bear. classy. very sexy. right now, i couldn't care any less. everything freaking itches. oh my god stay away from me, i think it's catching - whatever it is. i'm sure i've caught malaria or eqyptian scarab flu, or something exotic and very dramatic. i have a doctor's appointment on wednesday, but i'm certain i'll be dead by then... i know i'm sick when my mother prescribes booze. hot toddies, and plenty of them. extra heavy on the toddy. happy new year, indeed. ringing in the new year as a total whiney-ass.

by the way,
this crap doesn't work.

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