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i guess maybe i'm getting older - and if that's what it is, then i'm really okay with it - but last night, new year's eve, i didn't want a party. i didn't want to be covered in strangers reveling in holiday spirit. i didn't want "noisemakers". i wanted something low-key, and i wanted it with only a very few people, just a few of my friends, those that mean the most to me. they're not blood relation to me, but they are definitely family to me.
corey, my best friend of 16 years came into town from atlanta, so he and i met shellie & fred, my two best friends here in town for sushi & sashimi at our favorite sushi restaurant and regailed one another with stories of past adventures and misadventures and laughed, sometimes til we cried. i sat back a few times, quietly watching as my best friend of 16 years and my two best friends of recent years began to learn each other, and it gave me a true sense of fullness; the sort of fulfillment you feel sitting around the table with family at thanksgiving. there was no envy, no jealousy, just friendship. just family. around 11:00, when we were done but not quite ready leave, our waitress (a lovely young woman who has settled here in the killeen/temple area from louisiana after evacuating from katrina, whose given birth name we came to find out is "precious") began chatting us up a bit, and after we'd all introduced ourselves to her by name, she asked "are you family?"we looked at each other for a second without anyone saying anything, curiously, and i said "well, sort of, yes." she didn't ask what i meant. no one raised protest of any kind. i think maybe we all felt it.
we rang in the new year at shellie & fred's house in salado while fred played the guitar, and he and i sang. we told stories, remembered people who have gone on, quietly respected an ailing american icon, and continued to laugh and cry together, these three wonderful people and me.i don't really remember what it was we were doing as the clock struck midnight, but i know i ended the last year and began the new year in exactly the same fashion -with my friends. my family.
happy new year.

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