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baristas & bingo

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carlos, my favorite barista at starbucks (thank god my little town has two starbucks' - movin' on up) made me the most delicious latte today. my usual. same thing every morning - grande nonfat vanilla quad latte. can i just say how nice it is to:a) be the *only* car in the starbucks drive through at 9am on a friday morning - something that nobody could have predicted, and b) have the barista who answers the drive in call with "good morning sweetie - the usual?" and it's just nearly ready as soon as i pull around? wow. that is for the awesome. if i hadn't had to pay for it i would have felt like i'd won the lottery. i did get a complimentary piece of pumpkin bread however. or, as i refer to it, the food of the gods. i love carlos. he is my morning sunshine. annnnnd - i could not be more excited because i am going to go play b-i-n-g-o tomorrow. w00t! does that make me a total loser? because i don't care! i'm gonna play bingo and smoke too much and bring all my good luck charms! ooooh - i gotta go buy a new bingo dauber! yay! i love new daubers! big money! come on, big money!

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