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caffeine rage, cheap greek hookers & bliss

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i really gotta lay off the caffeine in the next few days. my afternoon blog was just... ugly.

· not enough/no caffeine = pounding headache, lethargy, foul temperament.
· just enough caffeine = no headache, plenty of energy, pleasant temperament.
· too much caffeine = raging bitch.

now that the caffeine has worn off, i am in a much better affection - and am so excited about the prospect of going to atlanta to see my best friend corey. i'm planning the trip for a few days in april and will be there for my birthday, april 9. hooray! i can't wait to see corey! he was here with me for new year's eve and new year's day, which was the most perfect new year's i've had in my life. low key, almost quiet, good conversation , a roaring fire in the fireplace & good music. we spent the evening with my very good friends fred & michele. that's the way to spend new year's - with your best friends. i look so forward to seeing him!

we're famous for our roadtrips, corey and i, (most notably santa fe & canada!) and will hopefully be taking a roadtrip to savannah while i'm there, or maybe nashville. i'd like to see the parthenon in nashhville to see the statue of athena, and how the hillbillies have painted her up like a cheap tart. they gilded her in gold and put make up on her. she looks like a five dollar whore in too much maybelline. gross. i gotta see that. oh, how i love a good trainwreck.

it's been ages since i went anywhere. the last time i travelled was in june, when i went to los angeles for a photo shoot assignment, and prior to that was road-tripping all over texas on tour with deryl dodd. don't misunderstand; i do love travel for the sake of photography, but an actual holiday for the sake of holiday... it's nearly a foreign concept to me. of course i'll have my cameras with me, and will take way too many photos, but i don't have to.
and the best part is spending time with my best friend. i don't care what we do or where we go - we could stay in the whole time and i'd be completely happy. yay. i'm blissful now.

creepy diversion : can you tell a serial killer from a computer geek?

my beautiful friend karin from germany and her precious daughter - from photo shoot this weekend

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