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i am not a people person today.

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not recommended for those in a good mood.
my attitude right now might kill your buzz.

i got roughly no sleep last night and am severely caffeinated as a result. stopped by my starbucks this morning, and since there were no less than 4,000 cars waiting in the drivethrough, i decided to go in. the glorious carlos, my morning sunshine, wasn't available because he was working the drivethrough. a young woman barista helped me in his absence.

however, i shant cast aspersions on the goddess who created my blessed infusion this morning. she made for me exactly what i needed: 5 shots of espresso, 2 equals and a soupçon of cream. no drama intended. i'm just feeling wired for sound and prissy. it was perfect - and i was wound as tight as a spring for about 4 hours, then i started to deflate a little bit... and as a result, have been pouring coffee down my throat all afternoon. boring tech support meetings, stupid customers who should just RTFM instead of wasting my time, and idiot co-workers have been enough for me today to want to kick somebody in the neck. no drama.

sometimes, people just suck. today, is one of those everybody sucks sort of days.

2 Responses to “i am not a people person today.”

  1. Anonymous Sabrina McC 

    I have a stupid question.
    What is "RTFM"? Don't laugh at me.....

  2. Blogger melissa mcgee 

    um... it means "read the f***ing manual".

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