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mexican bingo & dog doo redux

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the mexican bingo is here! the mexican bingo is here! my mexican bingo arrived today! yay! i am so excited - i've been out for weeks. i don't play mexican bingo. although... man i feel old. i just got excited about bingo.

i make stuff with mexican bingo, namely nichos & shrines, mostly for good luck & dio de los muertos and occasionally freida kahlo, our lady of guadalupe and other santos, although i haven't made one with a saint in a couple of years. i just like them for their kitschiness, mostly. i'm lame.
mexican bingo, or loteria is one of my favorite components to mexican folk art because it's so boldly colored and almost childlike in it's simplicity. heh. sort of like me, i suppose. the cards are printed on cheap, matte cardstock - flimsy and more paper-like than card-like, and for some reason, that's part of their appeal. i also use milagros; tiny little pieces of tin shaped like body parts or animals or even people kneeling in prayer (genuflecting, maybe?) that are used as offerings to the saints for prayers specific to the shape of the milagro. they're pinned to a tree or given to a priest or left at the church.

i just recently made a small shrine for my best friend corey in atlanta and i haven't sent it to him yet, so decided to photograph it for my own personal posterity. i add my own texan whitegirl touches to nichos and shrines. and for extra kitschiness, i'm going to start a three dimensional sacred heart made of papier mache to hang in my red living room. yay!

hank update: the squirts seem to have subsided, thankfully. i know willie is relieved. he hates having a bath. since he just had a bath yesterday and had to have another one this morning due to his unfortunate proximity to hank, [during what shall from now on be referred to as the late february poop fountain] i'm sure he's feeling a bit punished for getting a bath two days in a row. from now on, i'm going barefoot to avoid the delicious temptation of slippers.

2 Responses to “mexican bingo & dog doo redux”

  1. Anonymous Christina Picklehead 

    I Love Those! I never thought about people actually making those sorts of things, I just see them at festivals for the dead, etc etc etc. That is cool. Do you sell them? (PS I don't think you know me, I saw your blog listed on somebody elses blog. Nice blog!)

  2. Blogger melissa mcgee 

    yeah, i guess people actually make them... i know what you mean, i feel that way about papertowels - they seem to just magically appear. hehehe

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