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mystery $cratch

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i never know, when this sort of thing happens, if it's manna from heaven, or if somebody just thought i looked particularly poor yesterday and -gasp - in need of a decent meal... not that this sort of thing happens to me often... or ever, really. yesterday, somebody left a sealed envelope on my desk at work with a $10 spot in it. i found it this morning at the ass crack of dawn. plain white mailing envelope. it was tucked safely under my computer keyboard, sticking out just enough so that i'd see it, presumably. although my name was not on the envelope, i have to assume it was for me because it was, as mentioned before, tucked securely under my computer keyboard. my name is on my desk, which leads one to believe that the person / prophet of god who left it there did know for whom they were leaving said ca$hola.
so the question is:
¤ do i ask around?
¤ do i take it as a hint to buy a different brand of antiperspirant -perhaps my current pit-treatment ain't workin. do i offend?
¤ do i drop to my knees and thank moses or gabriel the archangel for this gifty?
¤ do i treat it as "found money" or "windfall" from some wonderful $10 cash cow and blow it on something fabulous?(as fabulous as it gets for 10 bucks, anyway.)
¤ do i wrack my brains to think of when i loaned somebody the ten bucks they just returned to me in an envelope on my desk? (i honestly can't remember doing that...)
¤ do i consider this as some sort of bid for my affections from the cheapest potential sugar daddy ever?
or -
¤ do i just take the money and run?

i hope it's the last one, cause i only have $5 and change left from it after taking it to taco bell on my lunch break.thanks, whoever!

no matter where it came from, i love it when that happens. it's even better than finding a $20 in a coat pocket - because i never misplaced it. sort of reminds me of a walk through the hiking trails at lake grapevine with corey many, many years ago:"hey! alright! a snickers!"

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