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thus spake zarathustra & dirt floors

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i had a dream last night that i don't remember at all, but for some reason woke up with the title of nietzsche's "thus spake zarathustra" burned on my frontal lobe for some reason. don't know why. never read it though i am familiar with it, but haven't thought about it in god knows how long. wish i remembered the dream, sort of. i have a feeling maybe it was one of those dreams of greatness.
i have two photo shoots today. since my studio is in my home, i like my house to be really clean when a photo client comes over, so i've spent all morning sweeping and mopping my wood floors. while sweeping (and sweeping and sweeping) i thought about how much more sense it would make to just have dirt floors. i sweep my floors about 3 times a week because a) i have dogs, and b) i don't like my floors to be dirty, and c) as i mentioned, i have dogs. two white short haired boxers. i can't imagine how they have any hairs left on their dog bodies as they shed so much...
this is the pile of dog hair and dust since i last swept on thursday evening. and - since it's been rainy for about 2 weeks, the dogs have been muddy and dirtier than normal. seriously starting to rationalize the dirt floors idea...

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  1. Anonymous Punkiedeedle 

    I wish you could remember your Neitzsche dream. I would love to hear all about it! Man, can you tell a good story!

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