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it just cracks me up.


and now, the local news.
my puppy hank ate one of my slippers last night - the good cushy kind, all comfortable and full of thick foam rubber.
so this morning, when he was walking through the house at about 6:00, whining & howling, and hunched in the "about to poop" stance for about 20 minutes with *something* hanging out of his butt, i figured that the time was right to take him to the vet, post haste...

a dose of fast acting dog laxatives, an extraction with a hemostat, an xray, some oral meds and $243.22 later, he is fine and no longer full of foam rubber. he's been "decorating" the backyard for about an hour and a half now. he's out there all by himself at the moment, and willie is laying on a rug in my bedroom after having a bath... he got a little too close to hank as hank was, uh, "decorating" and was covered in liquid hank poop. he's got the turbo squirts. gross.
this runs a close second to the worst way to start a monday - finding a dead rat in my toilet will *always* hold first place.

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