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amazing grace

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how sweet the sound.

gracie in her hospital crib. her mommy made certain that it would feel as close to home as possible.

my little gracie, the light in my heart is doing much better today. she'll be going home tomorrow morning some time before noon. all of her tests came back completely normal. she passed every last one of them. how could she not with all those people praying for her?

last night for the first time, two nurses watched her have a seizure; it was the first time any hospital staff (besides the xray tech yesterday who didn't really "see" it, and wasn't watching for it) were witness to one of her seizures, so we were all grateful - not that she had an episode, but that there were now witnesses to her seizures other than family.

her neurologist has put her on phenobarbital for the seizures which, to me sounds pretty hardcore, but apparently it's what they prescribe pretty regularly. she hasn't had a seizure since they started her on it, which is beautiful news. she's a bit gorked out. stoned, really. very mellow. still very sweet and more giggly than i thought she would be. she laughed and laughed at her cousin dylan tonight in the hospital! it was so precious. she does my heart so much good. i held her for about an hour tonight and fed her - two bottles. she is fortified! as i held her she chewed on my i.d. badge from work and growled at me and tried to work the fingers on her left hand; they're all taped together to the first knuckle from her little i.v. port, which is on the top of that hand. she did alright maneuvering those little fingers. she's remarkably nonplussed by all this fuss and medical nonsense.
kristen, gracie's mom, has all but moved in to the hospital room with all the comforts of home; all of gracie's favorite blankets and toys to her favorite night-light lavender lamp that kristen always turns on when gracie goes to sleep at home. kristen is such a good mommy. i think there are some people who were born to be somebody's mother; kristen is most definitely one of those people. i always wanted to be that kind of person. i'm glad both of my sisters are.

gracie will have to take phenobarbital for about six months; she's on a loading dose right now and for the next few days (which is why she's so mellow and sedate right now) and as soon as her little body is used to it, she'll be put on a maintenence dose. honestly, whatever works and keeps my little nine from having those horrible seizures.
i love her so much sometimes i feel like my heart might burst.

gracie, her aunt megen and uncle kirk in her hospital room (she adores both of them and flirts with uncle kirk!)

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