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and miles to go before i sleep

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i've been dying for this camera for ages. i've eyeballed it on line, at the store and everywhere i saw it. yesterday, i got it.
so now what?
it intimidates the hell out of me, but i think that's probably just because it's fresh and shiny and new and i'm a bull in a china shop. i don't even need the china shop to break stuff. i'm not afraid of it, just very, very intimidated... so you'd think i'd have been out on the road or something at the crack of dawn learning about it, camera in hand, taking pictures of whatever caught my fancy. instead i opened up my back door while my dogs went out for a weewee and just started shooting. this is what i ended up with:

there was this female dove doing the hokey pokey on a telephone wire above my deck out my back door. HOW RUDIMENTARY IS THIS? HOW MUCH MORE AMATEURISH COULD I BE? i know. but new camera = experimentation. i do like the way the DoF came out, and when i blow this up, i can see every scale on that bird's foot. that's cool. 8.0 mp is a thing of beauty.
i haven't loaded any photo editing software to this new laptop yet, and something about me just refuses to load this or any photo from my new camera on my old laptop. i don't need to get at my photoshop that badly just yet. i'm hoping that this photo of the bird putting her left foot in before she shakes it all about is the last of it's kind. i'm going to pull up my big girl panties and STOP being intimidated by this unbelievable camera and make some art.

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  1. Anonymous Rachel Boo 

    Congrats on the new camera! You deserve it and you have earned it!

    PS I really sort of dig your hokey-pokey bird. lol!

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