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another day, another term of endearment

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tonight i had a lovely dinner of mesquite-roasted chicken breast i purchased from the deli at HEB, a few spears of fresh asparagus with lemon juice, and one of my favorite indulgences ever - king's hawaiian bread rolls. yuuuuu-ummmm. i have to pace myself so i don't eat all the bread first; i nibble very judiciously and deliberately to try and stretch it out for length of the entire dinner.
i didn't have dessert because the rolls were so good.
today was bad-mood monday at work. not necessarily the people at work, but the idiots calling tech support. especially the ones without enough synapses firing in their feeble little brain-lets to choose the right option in an automated system. "if your internet or text messaging isn't working, please press 3 for technical support" and "if you'd like to change your rate plan or add or remove an additional service, please press 1 for customer care".
i get it, but apparently it's a little ambitious for some people.

i start work at 9:30am every morning, and before 11am i had already been called a f*ing bitch and a f*ing c*nt. it was the most rediculous thing, i actually laughed at the lady [and i use the term lady verrry loosely] who called me those names. the conversation went something like this:
me: i apologize ms. martinez, i'm going to need to transfer you to customer care for that; as i mentioned, a few times, you have called the wrong department. you want a rate plan change, and this is technical support. i'll be happy to connect you with the right department.
her: i can't f*ing believe this sh*t. this f*ing bitch is gonna transfer me again. i can't wait till my f*ing contract is f*ing over. stupid f*ing bitch.
me: ma'am, i can still hear you. i haven't transferred you yet.
her: put your f*ing supervisor on the phone! i want to make a complaint because you just eavesdropped on a private f*ing conversation between me and my f*ing husband that was none of your f*ing business!

me: (laughing) i'm terribly sorry that you feel like i was eavesdropping on your private conversation, especially when you were speaking directly into the phone. i'd be glad to put my supervisor on the phone, but she's going to hang up on you if you curse at her, and i will too if you curse at me one more time. now, is there anything else i can do for you before i transfer you to the correct department?
her: no, you can't do anything for me. you haven't done anything for me but waste my time!
me: okay then, you have a good day, and thank you for choosing [insert cellular carrier here, said with huge fake, toothy smile on my face].
her: [in a vague attempt to seem as if she weren't addressing me] stupid f*ing c*nt!
me: um, ma'am, i'm still here. [click]
can't say i didn't warn her.

i get sick, sick pleasure out of acting like cursing bothers me that much, because i get to hang up on jerks with no manners who were raised by a pack of wild hillbillies.

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