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a bottle full of phenobarbital

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i think the week is finally over. the week days are over, anyway. it's been a long week from mishaps at home to horrible mishaps with photo orders to my niece, gracie, who's having more seizures. i thought she was out of the woods, but apparently she's not.
she seized last night from 9pm until somewhere around 11:30pm, my mom told me today. nobody called me last night because they wanted to sort of downplay her seizures so as not to freak my sister out, so i didn't find out about it until this morning at work. my poor sister; she's one of the best mothers i've ever seen, and she lives and breathes for gracie. watching gracie have a seizure is nearly more than she can take. i completely understand.
i went to my parents house tonight after work so i could spend a little time with family and be near my little princess grace. i brought her a stuffed duck - it's the softest, cutest thing, and i just had to get it for my gracie. she loves it. it made her laugh and she cuddled with it a few times, then sucked on the duck's bill and tried to chew on it. score. i held her and gave her the bottle of formula with her medicine in it tonight. a bottle full of similac and phenobarbital. i wanted so badly for it to work. i'll hear tomorrow morning if gracie had a seizure-free evening tonight; she seems to have seizures almost exclusively in the evening, especially when she's overly tired or has had a lot of excitement during the day.
i have a photo shoot tomorrow morning with carlos, my morning sunshine! i have to be at starbucks at 8am in the morning (on a saturday!) and another shoot at my house in my studio at 10am. after that, i'm seriously considering taking a nap for a few hours to catch up on what i will have missed by waking up so early on a saturday. how old does that make me - i'm pre-scheduling my naps. i have another shoot on sunday, but the time is still up in the air because the subject wants outdoor photos, and the weather has been dodgy at best lately; if it's not too cold & windy to be outdoors, then it's raining. might end up being another studio shoot, but i hope not. getting out for photos of people will be nice for a change.

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