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breakfast in bed, swanky cocktails & cha-cha heels

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beautiful, firm, fresh bagels. i love bagels, almost all varieties from onion to garlic to blueberry to sun dried tomato, but the best is plain. especially on sunday mornings; my most favorite breakfast on a rainy sunday morning is a bagel with cream cheese, nova scotia lox and a sprinkling of non pariel capers. that's the glorious breakfast i made for myself this morning. i woke up to the sound of lazy rain hitting my deck and the smell of freshly brewed coffee wafting from my kitchen. (thanks to the self-timer on my coffee maker - the marvels of modern technology!) i lay in my bed weighing the options; do i stay here in this bliss of billowy white feather blankets and pillows in my inner sanctum, or do i venture to my kitchen to fix myself some coffee and a little becks & posh?

i knew for certain i was a grown up. i chose coffee. it was 6:45 on a sunday morning. i've been up ever since, but have enjoyed a fabulous breakfast as described above, and several cups of coffee, in my bed. breakfast in bed - the best of both worlds. if the steam wand on my espresso maker wasn't broken, i'd have had a cappuccino or breve as well. having had as much coffee as i've had, i'm amply caffeinated as it is. if i had an espresso right now, i'd probably start scraping and painting the exterior of my house, rain or no rain.

i love sundays. i think maybe i love sundays even more than saturdays; the only negative aspect to sunday is that there's no cushion. saturdays have a cushion -it's sunday. still, i like to keep my plans relatively loose on sundays with no real timelines or deadlines, with the exception of sunday dinner at my parent's house. it's usually at six in the evening, and it's always unbelievable. without fail. last sunday, my mother made thanksgiving dinner. she's amazing.

i'm going to visit my little princess grace at my parent's house a little later this morning, so i'm very excited. i'm also pretty excited about planning a cocktail party...
my friend shellie and i were talking via email yesterday and she convinced me to throw myself a birthday cocktail party. since i'll be in atlanta for my actual birthday, it'll be after my birthday when i'm back home. so i'm going to have a cocktail party, and it's going to be fabulous. it's going to be my fabulous, swanky cocktail party for my thirty-fifth birthday.

shellie asked me in an email yesterday to describe a good cocktail party - i love questions like that. my answer was:

"A cocktail party? Just really good mixed drinks in pretty glasses like martinis, tartinis, cosmos, sours, something shaken, something stirred, an olive here and a cocktail onion there… lemon wedges and orange slices and bits of exotic fruit and cheese as people mingle and laugh and admire new haircuts and fancy hats and talk and walk with their drinks and listen to something that sounds like latin jazz playing in the background, faint enough that maybe they can’t quite make it out, but it makes them happy."

that sounds divine to me. and very swanky. it'll be a semi-formal affair, of course. you don't have to wear a tux or a belle of the ball formal, but you can't wear jeans. shellie suggested i have a black & white formal - everybody dressed in black and/or white formal attire - and me in a red dress. i love that idea. i'm going to send out invitations in the mail complete with an admission ticket - to be presented to a doorman at a velvet rope. hehe! i love that! and it's relatively easy to pull off, as well. shellie's husband fred, also my very good friend, will be recruited as a strolling musician, playing acoustic guitar and serenading cocktail party guests as they mingle with their fancy drinks and hors d'ouevres.

i'm going to start designing the invitations today - i'm very good at designing invitations - and sometime soon i gotta find some fantastic cha-cha heels.
this is gonna be good. this is gonna be swanky.

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  1. Anonymous Adrienne 

    I too love bagels, the best bagel I have found is Western Bagel in LA. Chewy, tender, with a crisp, nut-brown crust. The Everything is a thing of beauty. I sort of want to move to LA just for those bagels.

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