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happy march @ 2am

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i can't believe it's march already! i can't believe i'm still awake. i was awake to usher in the beginning of the month of march. i can't believe it's that damn big of a deal to me! hey! HEY!
i only thought my caffeine had worn off! i am wide the eff awake at 2am! i suppose that whole "pouring coffee down my throat all afternoon" thing to stay awake might not have been my wisest decision and will likely see it's sequel tomorrow. tomorrow, however, i'm stopping around 2pm. limits. it's all about limits. man, i am wired for sound still. watching a great movie on a&e called "murderball", a documentary about the paralympics and wheelchair rugby. it's very interesting. i am so awake. i also indulged myself in one of my guiltiest pleasures and most embarrassing semi-obsessions that i can't believe i'm about to admit to. dog the bounty hunter. i know, i can't believe it myself. i don't know if it's the themesong by ozzy, dogs wife bountyhunting in pole-dancing heels and bras that push her z28 sized boobs up to her chin, or the over abundance and omnipresent mullets that have strangely stirred my interest. as i said, i do love a good trainwreck. actually, maybe it's the way dog is always saying "lets kick some ass hawaiian style". maybe it's the fact that he calls himself not just "dog", but "the dog". i'm going to start calling myself the melissa. and if i kick ass, i'll definitely be doing it texas style.
man i need some sleep.

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