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heavy clouds & the perfect man

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i've been suffering the after effects of matt's el rancho salsa all morning, and the four shots of espresso i've had aren't helping. somebody kill me and put me out of my misery. i had planned to get out and take my camera on a real field trip today, but i've rethought my plan and made the decision to stay in, at least for a while, in favor of being "closer to home". i'm sure you get the general idea, so i won't elucidate the topic further. suffice to say, i'm okay with the change of plans and have made other arrangements that include season two of sex in the city on DVD in marathon fashion. aidan shaw is waiting for me. he is, after all, the perfect man, and yes i'm referring to both aidan shaw and john corbett. only one of them is real, and both of them break my heart with their absolute perfect man-ness. carrie, as much as i adore her, was an idiot. so i'll be spending this perfect weather day indoors with the perfect man.
it's almost too bad really, because this is my most favorite weather for texas. 69°, only slightly breezy and, best of all, overcast with only a slight chance of thunderstorms. i love thunderstorms, but they're inappreciably outranked by heavy clouds with no rain. i think some people would consider this affection for clouds as a trait of pessimism, but i really don't think it lends itself to pessimism as much as it just signifies my love of clouds. sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. the fact of the matter is that i've always found my best moods on cloudy days without even looking. if that makes me goth-chick, then, oh well.

scratch that. on second thought if that makes me goth-chick, i'll kill myself.

my boxers love cloudy weather as well because they're white, and they sunburn easily. they're outside right now, doing the typical boxer woo-wooing and running around being happy little dog brothers without their eyes and noses and floppy lips turning red.

another reason i love cloudy weather is that it's perfect for outdoor photography because it's still sunlight, only diffused and indirect, which lends itself to minimal editing and correction. minimal editing and correction are two of my other favorite things.

dammit, now i have to go out and take pictures. this weather is just too perfect to stay indoors. IBS be damned. i've just given myself a deadline of 2 pm to be outside (or at least in my car) in search of my photographic muse du jour. sure, i might not find it again today, but that's alright because i have a good attitude today, and it's been several days since i've been able to say that. i'll just have to catch up with aidan later. that's the beauty of having the perfect man on DVD.

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  1. Anonymous char1218 

    I would have stayed indoors with Mr. Corbett. :P

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