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i've earned it

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after all the trips back and forth to the hospital pediatric unit, all the late nights and nights with no sleep whatsoever, all the late nights with the phone ringing at all hours, all the hours spent worrying and praying, gracie is finally back at home with her mommy, and my mom and dad. my sister said gracie smiled and giggled when she saw the front door of the house; she was one six month old who was thrilled to be home again. we all share that sentiment, more than she'll ever know.
she's not out of the woods, but she's got a little more blue sky now. the phenobarbital is working very well at keeping her from having any seizures. sure, she's a little more sedate than her normal energetic, bubbly self; she's still bubbly - but a little more like a glass full of coca-cola that's been sitting out for about five minutes instead of a glass full of coca-cola that just came out of the bottle. still, a little less energetic than normal for a little while is much better than seizures, so we're all happy with the trade.
that being said, i took myself to bed bath & beyond after work with a gift card that's been burning a hole in my wallet for about three weeks, and bought myself brand new bedding. all white. i can't believe i bought all white bedding with two filthy, porcine boxers - and on a rainy day no less. i just couldn't help myself. it's beautiful.

for several years i've had gorgeous ralph lauren bedding on my big antique white bed with carved headboard and footboard. it was so tall i sometimes had to jump into it, especially with the huge, fluffy feather mattress on top of my big, overstuffed mattress. i've loved it, i've loved in it, i've been sick there, i've sought solace there, i've cried there, i've laughed there, i've spent countless hours dreaming there... so naturally, it was time to kiss it goodbye. what? i just needed a change.

my ralph lauren bedding was this unbelievably beautiful antique floral comforter in dusty hues, complete with ocelot-print flat & fitted sheet and moroccan market printed pillow cases. i know - it sounds a bit like a hot mess, but it's not. it's decadent. it was part of a ralph lauren collection several years ago; the idea was a rock star's english country estate, hence the ocelot and seemingly clashing prints. i think it was loosely based on someone like mick jagger - someone with a never ending store of cash, loads of class and just a touch of trashiness. i didn't have the cash, i rarely had the class, but i always had the trashiness. heh.
the bed, along with all the bedding have been moved into my guestroom; i moved the lower profile bed of the same size that was formerly in my guestroom into my bedroom (but i kept the feather mattress!) and clothed it with it's brand new, gorgeous white bedding - white fitted & flat sheet, all white pillow cases (i have six pillows on my bed and a body pillow - now, all in white pillow cases) and an unbelievably soft, billowy, dense yet still lightweight down comforter. i just want to be in it. it's a little bit of a culture shock being in a bed so much lower to the ground than the bed i've slept in since i was 18 years old. of course, it'll hurt less when i roll out of it in my sleep too, i suppose. yes, i still do that. about once every six months i can count on hitting the floor; this way i have a shorter distance to fall before i slam my face onto the hardwood floors.
the popcorn* is popped, the movies are out of their netflix envelopes, and my new bed awaits, willingly. it's calling to me... i've earned it this week.

*orville reddenbacher's CINNABON popcorn; oh my god have you tried this? it's a bit like eating popcorn-textured cinnamon rolls, complete with butter and cinnamon on the popped corn kernels, and ICING that you drizzle over the popcorn when it comes out of the microwave. it's unbelievable - if you like popcorn at all, have a sweet tooth, especially when watching movies, it's impossible to beat. it's also so popular here that it's hard to find. tracy, my friend from work gifted a box to me on wednesday! I LOVE TRACY!

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