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my pretty foil hat & doo doo brown head

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why i am so compelled to post about this i might never know.

i sit here at my new laptop, my head completely wrapped in aluminum foil. if i were so inclined, i would probably be able to descramble porn on cable. i have that much foil on my head. why? that's a simple question. because i love to wear a shiny foil hat and walk around my house in heels and a tutu. just like everybody. i'm wearing foil on my head because i want to be pretty. it's part of my regime du beaute, or however the hell you say it in french.

with all this foil on my head, am i pretty? not particularly. maybe if you have some reynold's fetish, but not to the average person. i'm wearing my paint the house/color my hair/bleach something or other tshirt that i wouldn't be caught dead wearing in public. is it pretty? not particularly. hopefully, when all is said and done, and the water in the shower runs clear and ceases to resemble the shower scene from psycho, i might be pretty. i have little splashes of bright red on my cheek and the tops of my ears right now. i'm waiting on the timer to go off.
when the timer goes off, the pretty begins, or so i like to imagine.
i was born a redhead. no, really. i'm one of those rare true redheads - not orange red, but auburn. really. ask my mom. she used to say "i'd rather be dead than red on the head' and her pennance for that was giving birth to a little girl with her paternal grandmother's haircolor; auburn. i've always considered that a boasting point for some reason. whenever somebody asks me "is that your natural hair color?" i always think to myself "what the hell." then tell them "yes, with a little help." i've always loved being a redhead, but i miss it. i've colored my hair for years, just to punch up the color a bit. then, when i had my hysterectomy six years ago, my hair turned brown. brown. not deep chocolate-cocoa brown. not tawny brown, not cappuccino brown, not caffe brown, not even dishwater brown. no, it was doodoo brown. the color of poo. a fresh crap. i hate it. it's not that brown is a bad color - quite the contrary! i love brown on most people. it's just that, well, i'm a redhead. i've been a redhead since the day i was born - literally. that was sort of a special thing that i had going with myself for a lot of years when i came to terms with having red hair, and getting past the redhead comments and teasing - and even living with and learning to love the small smattering of freckles i get in the sun (if i don't burst into flames first) and the ones that i've had since i was a child. though i'm not as freckly as someone with orange-red hair is prone to be, i still have some. my mother used to call them "angel kisses". that made it nicer for me.

i used to refer to myself as a hellcat redhead.

now, i'm a dog crap brown-head.

whats worse is that i've been having to buy haircolor for the last few years that covers grays. i swear it on all that is HOLY i will never have white hair. i'm a redhead, damn it.
god kill me now.
the real trick will be not leaving remnants of red hair color on my brand new white pillow cases tonight. that's a talent of mine. it's sort of like a redhead calling card.

2 Responses to “my pretty foil hat & doo doo brown head”

  1. Anonymous sayra 

    hee! i learned that trick from you! i don't color my hair anymore, but when i get a wild hare (hair?) and do it, i always wear a foil hat!
    the aliens can't read your thoughts if you wear a foil hat.

  2. Anonymous melissa mcgee 

    hehe!!! and cable comes in GREAT!

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