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next week, let's just skip tuesday

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after having lived through approximtely 1,816 tuesdays in my nearly 35 years as a resident of planet earth and various other galaxies, i have surmised that tuesday is the crappiest day of the week. of all the days of the week - and i'm reasonably sure there are seven in all, but don't quote me on that - the other six days (or however many there are; nobody really knows for sure.) are infintely better than tuesday. tuesdays are the redheaded stepchildren. bastard children. week-freaks. hobos. they're the hobos on the railroad of life. filthy hobos.
sundays are for brunches of eggs benedict and bloody marys while wearing a fancy hat. therefore, sundays do not suck. sure, they're the end of the weekend, but they're still the weekend. and who doesn't love a fancy hat?
mondays are for drinking too much coffee and telling all your co-workers how much coffee you had to drink just to make it to work. you almost didn't make it because your bloody mary brunch turned into double-fisted whiskey sours and hair pulling after some bitch made a crack about your fancy hat. but at least you've got something to talk about most of the day.
tuesdays suck because unless you've called in sick, reality sets in that it's not even wednesday yet, and as a gruesome reminder of the sheer tuesdayness of it all, some dumb ass asks you "is it friday yet?" at approximately 9am. more killings happen on tuesdays than all the other days combined.
wednesdays are way better than the aforementioned crappiest day of the week by sheer virtue of not being tuesday anymore, coupled with having the distinction of being the only day that can boast being the middle of the week. that makes it not the beginning of the week, and for all practical purposes by noon, you're approaching the end of the week. you're closer than you were yesterday, anyway.
thursdays are awesome. thursdays are like fridays but without the friday anxiety. thursday is the day you plan your friday night, and other creative ways to blow your paycheck, if the following day, friday, also happens to be a payday. i make the majority of my shopping lists containing words like "hair extensions" and "cork placemats" and "post hole digger" on thursdays.
fridays kick ass because they're the last day of the week, and most people are mere hours from being drunk for the better part of the next two days. also, it's casual day. cool.
saturdays are hands down the best day of the week because it's the only day of the week when you can cram everything from mowing the lawn to flossing the dogs into your schedule, and then not do any of it because three really good netflix movies came in the mail this morning, and you've got to watch them today because you've got that brunch tomorrow - and a brand new fancy hat.

t.g.i almost wednesday. i have my thursday shopping list to outline.

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