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photographic proof of a new low

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as i am severely sleep deprived and can't seem to finish a thought, the likelihood of this post making sense is slim. so what else is new. it's highly more likely that this will read as if fourteen people have contributed to it's completion. and i repeat: so what else is new.

i happened to have taken my camera to work today and felt moved to capture an image of my desk; the place where i spend what feels like 48 hours every day. my reasoning? i gotta look at it all day so somebody else should have to look at it too. this misery loves company.

so after i took these photos (that i just hastily stitched together because, well, i don't really care.) i decided to take my camera on a field trip around the building in search of some really interesting imagery. something really captivating and intriguing. something meaty and substantial.

i didn't find it. so instead i took a picture of a toilet and some lady's feet in the next stall.

and then i realized something; a realization that didn't even attempt to disguise itself as anything other than utterly depressing: this is my other view. for all intents and purposes, these two images are my primary landscapes for the better part of an 8 hour workday, with the exception of 2 fifteen minute breaks and the occasional boredom-induced blackout where i travel to far away lands without cubicles.

tomorrow instead of a camera, i'm taking a tack hammer to work with me so i can just knock myself out cold before the boredom gets bad enough to inspire more toilet photography.

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