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the princess & the soap maker

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yesterday's post made me think a lot. well, a lot more. when i wrote the words "i still don't know what i want to be when i grow up.", it started some wheels a'turning that had come to a grinding halt years ago. what do i want to be when i grow up?

when i was little, i wanted to be a princess, just like in fairytales. most little girls, i would imagine, have the same fantasy when they're very small. i wanted to be snow white, actually. i wasn't afraid of the wicked witch, and i wanted a bunch of dwarves as friends. hanging out in a diamond mine wouldn't suck either. however, since prince william was my best bet for that fairy tale to come true, and he doesn't seem all that interested (the english are so aloof), i've opted to decide to be something else when i grow up, whenever that happens.

the things that have crossed my mind as to what to be when i grow up are:
a pastry chef.
i'm not all that talented in the pastry-making arts; i'd eat my baking but i'm not sure if the general populus wants to.
a stand up comedian.
when i was about 7 i remember telling my aunt that i wanted to be a comedian when i grew up. i can't remember her reaction so it must not have been very encouraging.

a guitar player.
i have absolutely no talent for the guitar despite my most valiant efforts to learn; i've tried no less than 5 times to learn to play acoustic guitar and learned "me & bobby mcgee" twice. that was as far as i got and it wasn't all that good. i finally gave my guitar away because all it did was collect dust in places that i couldn't remove it from, and of course, mock me.
a professional soap maker.
is there actually a market for a professional soap maker? maybe if your last name is proctor or gamble, and even then you'd probably have to have been born into it. so while i make soap myself from time to time, i think relying on it for my income and profession would be unwise.
a singer.
hm. this one is a possibility. of course, it's all based on marketability; there are probably enough trashy lounge singers in the world already.
a kept woman.
i think this might be an extension to the princess fantasy from when i was a young child. this option becomes more and more attractive with each passing day. however, there aren't many sugar daddies beating a path to my door, so as alluring as the notion might be, i think it's best not to wait for this one to happen.
a photographer.
this is the one i think i really want to happen. i have a talent for it. i have a hunger to be better at it. i have a lust for the lens. best of all, i don't want to do it to become rich & famous. although this would be a really cool bonus, i want to do it because i enjoy it; i enjoy making art that makes people happy, or think, or smile, or get teary-eyed, or look at themselves and ask "is that really me?"

yes, i think that's the one. i think i want to be a photographer when i grow up. i've known that for a long while now, but it's amazing how it feels to see it actually written down.

concerning photography and money; there's an (old?) addage that comes with photography:
what's the difference between a photographer and a pizza?
a pizza can feed a family.
good thing i'm single.

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  1. Anonymous matt 

    I think you can scratch the last one off. You're already a photographer.

    As far as the others I see no reason why you can't. Well, except for the kept woman part. And only because I'd get jealous that I wasn't the kept woman.


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