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road warrior

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having been a road warrior for the better part of 4 years now, i can't imagine using a desktop pc at home anymore. something about being able to move around my home with my laptop completely untethered makes much more sense than being chained to a desk. i can sit on my deck while my dogs play outside and edit photography. i can log into allrecipes.com and be online in my kitchen. i can sit in bed and watch sex in the city and pay my bills. it must be something about the freedom to vary my view while i'm on my computer. thank god for wireless networking.
that being said, it's time for a new notebook. i say that with minimal trepidation. this one, my dell latitude has been good to me and has served me well for several years. i've replaced the keyboard, added ram, bought several new batteries and chargers for it... it has some sticky keys, i've had to use a pcmcia usb card in it for peripherals since the usb port fell out of it a year ago, and it doesn't have a cd burner. the cd drive is so persnickety, it's all but stopped recognizing data on discs. and the f4 key went missing about 6 months ago never to be seen again. it's my ghetto laptop.

still, it's been a good laptop. so i have some guilt about purchasing a new laptop; i feel almost as if i'm cheating on my current laptop. and what's worse is that i'm keeping this one and getting a new laptop, so it'll feel something akin to cheating with a new lover while forcing my old lover to watch my infidelity. am i being dramatic? probably.
i've got it all picked out and will click the "submit" button in my shopping cart on friday. i'm a little scared; very excited, but a little scared.
okay, actually, i can't wait. new laptop! 8x cd/dvd burner! 100g hard drive! 2g dual shared ram! 2g cache t2500 processor! 4 year at home warranty! wheeeee!

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