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as i mentioned in one of my millions of posts yesterday, a few weeks ago, myself and 9,000 other IT personnel employed by the corportion i work for were offered a "voluntary separation" package. it's a business-friendly term for giving them permission to lay me off. it means voluntarily take the money and run, or hang around and wait for the involuntary and inevitable axe to fall. the deadline to accept or decline the offer was 5 pm today.
i signed.
so now, i have 45 days to :
·find another job
·change my mind
·stockpile all the money i can make
[from overtime, singing gigs, photoshoots & print sales]

...and do what i'd really like to do - work as a self-employed full time photographer.
that last prospect is very frightening to me for a bunch of different reasons that i'm certain don't require explaination. however, it's what i really want to do. i've wanted to do that for a long time. even if i were to get a part time job to help supplement my income, i would love to at least try to make a go of it. most of me feels like if i don't at least try i'll be wasting something like time or talent or worst of all, my life. is that dramatic? probably. i'm an aries and an italian and a redhead. drama is in my genetic code.

i know i'm highly employable; my resume is stellar and beautiful, and i've only once not gotten a job that i applied for. [a crappy job at pier 1 when i was 17. i applied. i didn't get it. they did me a favor.] if i try to make full-time photography work and am not able to do it, i know i wouldn't have too hard a time finding gainful employment. hopefully.

everything feels a little bit up in the air right now, but not necessarily in a bad way. it feels a little like a door has closed... and i think i'm feeling a breeze from an opened window.

stress being what it is however, gave me a migraine this morning; a righteous migraine with light, sound and movement irritability and vomiting. although i didn't get to the imitrex in time to stave it off completely, it did take the edge off of it enough so that it didn't put me down for the entire night. still, i don't feel well enough to enjoy a friday night out, so i'm firmly planted here... about to crawl back under a stack of comforters and pillows. i'm still nausteated, but if i were hungry, i think i'd eat pie.

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