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somebody peed in my cornflakes

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after much contemplation, i think it's high time i said something. maybe no one will hear it. maybe no one willread this. if this falls on deaf ears or, blind eyes as the case may be, it matters not. there is something i really want to get off of my chest.
i work in the communications industry. cell phones may be a social nuisance, they're my livelihood; cell phones and all their rediculous counterparts - accessories. sure, they get on my nerves as much as anybody else, especially when they're utilized in inappropriate situations, but having left my cell phone at home once during a work day, i realized just how celldependent i am, and as much as i hate to admit this, i do view cell phones as a modern necessity. i can't imagine or remember my life without a cell phone. i don't even have a home phone anymore. as cell phones get smaller and smaller, it makes me wonder just how minute they're going to be in five years. you don't even have to be in the same room with your cell phone to be talking on it anymore.
i'm referring of course to the bluetooth headset.

being said, i think it's really rude to make eye contact with somebody while you're talking on a bluetooth headset. the poor sap with whom you're making eye contact thinks they're being spoken to and they couldn't be more wrong. you have absolutely no interest in the idiot you're looking at, yet because your lips are moving and you're looking right at them, they're prone to trip, stumble and fall all over themselves to try and understand what it is you're saying to somebody other than them. one of my supervisors just got a new bluetooth headset and no less than four times today i thought he was addressing me because he was walking my direction, moving his lips in speech, and looking me directly in eye. how important do you have to fancy yourself to view a cell phone as too cumbersome to carry around? if you're driving a car, sure. for safety reasons and self preservation, i'd prefer if some people had a steering wheel in their hands and nothing else. but seriously, at work? are you kidding with this? besides, i have to tell you; you just look nuts. that headset is small. if i can't see it, i'm just going to assume that you're on a day pass from the home and are having a pleasant conversation with yourself.
i'm really sad and not in a very pleasant mood because i completely forgot that susan gibson was playing the saxon pub in austin tonight at 8pm. i remembered sometime around noon today, when it was too late to make a schedule change. crap. i've been looking forward to seeing her for weeks now, and i guess with all the family stuff last week it slipped my mind.


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