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someday, when i kill that guy

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this evening i was invited to dinner to celebrate the 21st wedding anniversary of my very good friends fred & michele at our favorite sushi restaurant, nami in belton. i've had sushi in san francisco, new york, los angeles, dallas, houston, and i'm certain a few other notable cities that undoubtedly have fabulous sushi, but nami is by far the best sushi i've ever had. did i mention nami is in BELTON, TEXAS? seriously, they've got something going on at nami. by all accounts, this should be some dodgy sushi; it's in central texas, the farthest point inland one can get in texas. and it's in texas. nothing at all about that combination even whispers "good sushi". no matter, it's consistently exquisite in it's quality & freshness, and a work of art in its presentation. a great pleasure in my life is taking a skeptical, self-proclaimed sushi afficianado to nami and watching the changes in their demeanor when they realize just exactly what they've stumbled upon.
we all had a wonderful time and of course, beautiful, delicious sushi & sashimi. my favorite sushi are superwhite albacore sashimi and saltwater eel, or nagi. every time we have sushi, i have to repeat the proclaimation that when i'm on death row for killing that guy, i want albacore sashimi and nagi as my last meal.
what guy? you may be asking. whatever. i'll probably kill some guy one of these days just for pissing me off, cheating on me or just for leaving the toilet set up one too many damn times. makes no difference; whatever the circumstances behind my last meal in this mortal coil, i want it to be albacore sashimi & nagi, and i want it from nami.

from one of the orders at our dinner tonight, left to right: edamame (of course!) seared salmon, nagi, albacore.

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