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spring time in texas for five more minutes

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after five straight days of gray, rainy, windy, 40 degree weather, this weekend has been absolutely picture perfect. it's been in the mid 70s all weekend, and sunny sunny sunny. i so desperately needed sunny weather this weekend for a photo shoot i had, and i got my wish. i had an outdoor shoot this afternoon at a local university in a neighboring town and although it was a little windier than i'd have liked, i really have no cause to complain. the campus is starting to look spring-like, with flowers budding in unexpected places, and trees full of new, bright green leaves. there are still fallen leaves on the ground, and the grass is still trying as hard as it can to turn green; in short, it's beautiful.
here in texas, we have a very short window between what most people would call "winter" and the sometimes oppressive heat of the summer. if you've never lived in texas, here's the lowdown: summer in texas starts in early may, sometimes mid-april, and lasts until usually mid november. no kidding. in between, we have about twenty minutes of autumn, then it gets cold, then for about another twenty minutes, we have "spring". winter in texas isn't as picturesque as say, new england. winter-weather in texas hardly ever produces a beautiful blanket of white snow; winter-weather in texas is most often a thick layer of ice covering everything, especially the streets. our streets, ironically, weren't built for ice, which always turns into horrible black slush, which will undoubtedly freeze over again, and so on and so on until it finally gets warm enough to melt completely. this pisses everybody off because it means you have to go back to work. yes, most businesses that aren't critical close during an ice storm. texas all but shuts down when the weather turns bad, and it matters not what's going on in the rest of the world, the weather is always the top news story when it's bad.

there are a scant few weeks of potentially crappy weather left in texas, then it's time to belt in for the heat; since we had an atypically mild winter with only one ice storm, we're all anticipating a very hot, long summer. i can hardly wait. i am, of course, being very sarcastic.

my photoshoot this afternoon was a single mother and her three very cute kidlets, one of whom did not want her picture taken. she moped and pouted and covered her face and even cried a couple of times. fortunately, her mom said "get out of the picture and go sit in the car." and i never stopped shooting. she's conspicuously missing in some of the photos, especially in photos of the rest of the family, but she came around after a little while and decided that sitting in the car alone was even less fun that being photographed. she even started smiling after a few minutes, and in all, it was a great, very productive family portrait shoot. because it was outdoors, i was able to take advantage of one of my favorite photographic tools: natural lighting. i love natural light and would use natural light exclusively if it was an option. studio lightings' got nothing on the sun.
i not only had a productive shoot today, i had a productive two days worth of weekend. i didn't get as much sleep as i would have liked, or even as much as i probably needed to get, but i got more work done than i thought i would. i matted and framed a bunch of black & white prints last night, and now have eight of my photographs newly framed and hanging in various places throughout my house. yay for black & white photographs with a white mat and a black frame. gorgeous.

it really was a pretty good weekend.

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