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swf iso recipes

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the cocktail party planning is approaching full swing; i have designed the invitations and they're ready to be printed as soon as i make up my mind about the date. it's a cocktail-attire requested soiree, and i'm having petitfours made instead of a birthday cake. that seems like a very grownup thing to serve. i think this whole cocktail party idea is really just something to validate that i'm an actual grown up. i'll probably be yearning for my childhood by next year and will have to throw myself a birthday party at mcdonald's.

i'll be serving canapes and hors d'oeuvres and of course, cocktails. i'm limiting my cocktails to a well chosen few:
red & white wines
for the martinis, i'm considering:

grasshopper martinis (because i love mint & chocolate - and this is my birthday)
pomegranate martinis
chocolate martinis
rosemary salty dog martinis (recipe courtesy of my friend matt!)
mojito martinis

most of the aforementioned potables may not qualify as actual martinis, but i'm serving them in martini glasses because, again, it's my birthday. and i want it to be swanky. what's swankier than a martini glass?

i'm not completely married to the list of five i've posted here; if you know of a particularly good cocktail or martini recipe, please pass it along! i'm going for about five different martinis, depending on whom i can sucker into playing bartender for me. i'm also in desperate need of some really recipes for good hors d'oeurves and canapes that won't require taking out a loan and can preferably be constructed a day or two ahead of time. i'm definitely looking for finger-foods just for guests to nosh on and rave about for years to come. i'm not necessarily looking to fill anybody up. this ain't a dinner party.
any suggestions?

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  1. Anonymous matt armendariz 

    A cheese tray! A cheese tray! Don't forget the cheese!

    It's really easy and doesn't have to be fancy, and cheese goes SO well with cocktails.

    Get a small piece of blue cheese, a hard cheese like parmesan, a brie and a goat cheese. Throw some nice crackers down, some grapes, a few pear slices, almonds, hazelnuts, olives and I swear it's the easiest thing EVER.

    I mean, who doesn't like cheese?

    ALSO, with the cocktails, here's the thing: MAKE THEM AHEAD. I swear, do it. Get some cheap juice containers at Target or Wal-Mart, mix your vodka and juice without ice, taste it, and set it aside. When someone wants a drink just pour their selection into a shaker with ice and voila! done. I LOVE martinis but they are a bitch at parties UNLESS someone stands there and does it. Same for that salty dog recipe. Just mix everything ahead of time without ice.

    I need your address. I am sending you some stuff.

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