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swf seeking solace

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my bedroom : the view from my laptop

i did my absolute best to forget about yesterday all day today. i think, however, that the mere fact that i keep saying to myself "i'm doing really well at not thinking about it." is proof positive that i haven't been that successful. i have a very heavy, foreboding feeling today for some reason, like really confusing uncertainty. i hate that feeling.
to divert my thought process today, i ran errands, visited my friend michele and my mother at their office, went shopping (and felt guilty about spending $21), drove around in a beautiful, rural area on a mini photo fieldtrip, and made lunch. the whole time i was away from home i was miserable to return. i just wanted to be in my bedroom; not in bed, just in my bedroom. my bedroom is my favorite room in my house; it's my inner sanctum. last night i wrote about my red living room and the calm i derive from sitting in my favorite chair. today, i just wanted the cool lilac of my bedroom walls and the open windows with gauzy curtains billowing in the breeze. i don't think i ever realized until yesterday just how much color influences my mood.
i'm going to the saxon pub in austin tonight to see my friend and bandmate greg whitfield play with pauline reese, and i'm hoping i can shake the "i just wanna be home right now." feeling and have a good time, drink a few too many shiner bocks and really, truly forget about yesterday.

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  1. Anonymous sayra 

    i just can't believe you drink beer. i so miss shiner.

  2. Anonymous melissa 

    haha... i love shiner. but you'll notice that i pointed out that i was going to have beer - meaning, it's sort of an occasion when i have more than one. still not a big drinker. i still go from sober to decorating my shoes in 2.5 drinks.

    incidently, corey went on a roadtrip to shiner,texas just to get a shiner bock - and they were closed. poor corey.

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