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travel plans, cocktails & dog barf

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well, my birthday trip to atlanta has been postponed for a little while; my best friend corey, whom i was going to atlanta to see, is going to be coming here to texas instead. dallas, to be precise. i'm still off work from the 7th - 11th, and am planning lots of things to do while i have time away from the monkey-pit where i work.
as i was going to throw my fabulous, swanky cocktail party on the 16th of april, i have now decided to have it on the 8th, which is the day before my birthday. that's better for a party i think. although i'd rather be in atlanta on the 8th celebrating my birthday with my best friend corey, this way i'll get to have him at my home for my cocktail party! yay! it just wouldn't be a cocktail party without him there, and it'll be far and away swankier with him there. he really classies-up any door he darkens.

i'm so excited as well about sending an invitation to my friend stef in italy! i've never invited anyone in italy to any of my parties before; i'll bet this is her first party invite from texas. cool.
and now, on to the dog barf.

yesterday morning i was in my bathroom, blowing my hair dry before work as i do every morning. my dogs willie & hank love my hair dryer; they clamor for me to blow cool air in their faces so they can bite at it. it's one of those things that makes them a little crazy, jumping and running in circles and barking at my hairdryer. they have a really good time while i'm drying my hair, and yesterday was no exception. hank must have had a little too much fun though. apparently he had jumped around and turned circles a bit more than he should have because he lost his breakfast about six inches behind where i was standing. he lost all of it. i didn't realize it until the smell hit me; a purely human-vomit sort of odor that really grossed me out. as i was drying my hair at the time and wanted to be done with that before i tackled the dog barf on the bathroom floor, i finished blowing my hair dry, all the while gagging at the stench, dreading the knowledge that i was almost done with my hair and would be on chunder-duty as soon as i was through.

i turned off the hairdryer, unplugged it, put it away, and turned around to survey the grody, horrible mess on the floor... but it was gone.

between being grateful that i didn't have to do the dirty work myself, and being repulsed at the means in which it had disappeared, i'm not sure which one weighed heavier. it's still about fifty-fifty.

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  1. Anonymous Adrienne 

    Dogs are lovely, it's just a shame they can be so damn gross at times!

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