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whitening toothpaste & the awful truth about me

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i've always known it, but the older i become the more glaringly obvious it becomes to me: i am easy to please. i honestly don't think i'm high-maintenence; i live alone, so i could be wrong on that one. i don't find myself high maintenence, and i'm who counts right now. sure, i'm a creature of habit; i come from a very long line of creatures of the same habitual ilk. none-the-less, i still believe i am very easy to please. a single, well fragranced candle. a good bottle of fresh squeezed pomegranate juice. new shampoo, non-fruity scented. a new eyebrow pencil. peter pan extra smooth. it's the trite, stupid little things like these that make me truly, unbelievably, crazy happy. stupid happy.
case in point: when i got home from the grocery store last night, i put away the groceries and brought the last shopping bag into my bedroom with me, giddy as a school girl. i had bought myself a couple of special little gifties; one, a new jar of capers was safe in the refrigerator back in the kitchen. the other was the one i took to the bedroom in the bag.

i had purchased for myself a new toothbrush and new toothpaste. i could not have been more excited to open up and brush with my new toothbrush. it's lilac. of course it's lilac, just like my bathroom and bedroom. it matches perfectly. and the toothpaste tube is a lovely aluminum squeeze tube, shiny metallic blue. also very complementary with the color of the bathroom. and it's a whitening toothpaste to boot. does life get any better?
oh my god. i hope so. i'm not sure now if the new lilac toothbrush and new lovely toothpaste make me easy to please, or just a total loser desperately in need of a social life. i think maybe i'd rather not know.

2 Responses to “whitening toothpaste & the awful truth about me”

  1. Anonymous sayra 

    i just bought new toothbrushes to match my bathroom! is your toothpaste marvis? i LOVE marvis toothpaste. though it's kind of riduculous to pay $10/tube. but they have awesome flavors: http://www.beautyhabit.com/product721.html

    i also like elgydium, because it sounds like something that might blow up. but it's not as good as marvis.

    and the rimmel cosmetics, love those. and kiehl's lip balm and hair products. ooh, and votivo candles.

    i might wet my pants.

  2. Anonymous melissa 

    wearing rimmel lip liner and lipstick right now... and keihl's moisturizer every morning and night. votivo currant candles are my favorite - i could eat them. i've used one tube of marvis - that i purchased through BEAUTY HABIT!!! it was the ginger mint and it was awesome... the first and only time i've ever paid s&h for toothpaste...

    i think i *did* just wet my pants.

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