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woman on fire... part II

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so the pc relocation software didn't quite go as planned. sure, it went swimmingly on my new luxurious shiny kickass laptop with the beautiful new display and fabulous keyboard with absolutely no sticky keys and 4 completely functional usb ports... not to mention the ultra-fabulous cdr/dvdr 8x drive that reads data flawlessly. which is less than i can say for my crappy FORMER laptop.
okay, so that was a little harsh, and i owe my old laptop a sincere apology. i'm sorry. i didn't mean it. you're... still operational. sort of.
the pc relocation software didn't go as planned, as mentioned nearly verbatim above, because when i inserted the disc into the drive in my old laptop, i got a message something akin to "the disc is unreadable. it may be corrupt..." which is par for the course for my old laptop. always paranoid. corrupt. the disc must be corrupt because you can't read it. no, dear friend. it's you. your drive has been shot for nearly a year now. i can't remember the last time i was able to actually read a disc in that damn drive.
my point in saying this is that for the last 5 hours, i've been copying files from my old computer via shared folders on my wireless network. again, and i can't say it enough, thank god for wireless networks. i can't transfer over any of my programs, but there are only a couple that i need on my new laptop, and one of them is photoshop. i can't move that one. and ms front page. can't move that one either. and i gotta have those. gonna have to buy photoshop cs. don't know how to use it... i'm great at 7, and they don't sell it anymore. crap.
nonetheless, i've done little to nothing with my NEW 8 MP DIGITAL SLR CAMERA, which should always be in all caps from now on, because every time i say it i shout it. no, haven't done anything with it except install it's software on my NEW LAPTOP. but tomorrow, make no mistake about it, i'm going on a date with my new camera. john corbett be damned...
on a completely different note, my dad (who's an artist) turned me on to a very cool website for artists and photographers. thanks, daddy!

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