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early morning thursday bitch session

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can i just bitch for a moment?

in all this hurrying around to get my house into cocktail party-shape, there is very little that needs to be really, truly cleaned. i try to keep my house pretty clean, but not so clean that it looks like nobody lives here. so, i'll be sort of "spring cleaning" tomorrow and saturday; dusting, bathrooms, kitchen, etc. i'm sort of a clorox whore, and since i have so much tile in my kitchen and bathrooms, i really get my bleach on, man, i dig it. i love a clean, bleachy-scented bathroom, and admittedly, i love to have an over-abundance of bleached, clean white towels. and sheets. and dishtowels. bleach w-h-o-r-e.

there is one task however, that is so daunting, i'd rather hire someone else to do it than have to tackle it myself. it's my floors.

my house is miles and miles of hardwood floors, and it's the original hardwood that was built into the house in 1921. i found that out before i moved in, when the landlady had hired flooring people to refinish the hardwoods for me. none of the guys actually doing the sanding and refinishing spoke any english, so i wouldn't have been able to communicate much with them (how have i lived in texas for almost 35 years and not picked up enough spanish to carry on even a short conversation?) but i had a friend with me who is fluent in spanish.

turns out, when they sanded my floors in september was the last time anybody'll ever be sanding my floors; my hardwoods have lived their life, and have been sanded too many times before this last time in september. the guy doing the sanding told my friend that they were grinding down the plank nails... next time my floors get redone, they'll be replacing them.

that being said, it would have stood to reason that to protect my ancient hardwood floors, they'd put several good coats of poly on them after staining them a lovely, deep honey color.
did they? no. they put one coat of poly on the floors. the spanish-speaking floor guy said the landlady told them to only apply one coat of poly.

so many ugly names come to mind, all with the word "cheap" stuck on the beginning...

so now, after sweeping my floors then buffing them, sometimes twice, i have to apply this industrial hardwood polish to get any shine to them at all. they're very dull without it. it seals them a bit though, so i was told by a flooring guy who speaks english (i didn't have my spanish speaking friend with me that day) that this product actually seals the floors a bit, but it just has to be reapplied over and over and over... like any floor product, it breaks down and wears off with regular foot traffic, and since i have not two feet walking around on my floors but a total of ten, i guess that's why i have to apply it so often.

that is the daunting task that awaits me for saturday morning; i'll do all the sweeping and one of the buffings tomorrow, then another buffing saturday morning before the waxing.

seriously, i would love to hire somebody to do this for me...

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