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fireflies! now available in plaid!

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the installation started out like a dream - quick, click-click, done. click here to install. sure! "please wait while the shared components for xxx are being installed. this may take several minutes."
that was an hour and a half ago, and it's still installing. call me psychic, but i get the distinct impression that somethin' ain't goin' right. i looked in my file directory, and it looks to be there - but i'm not a complete idiot; i do know that looks can be decieving. the proof is in the pudding. it'll all come out in the wash. a stich in time saves nine. never put anyting in your ear larger than your elbow.
why why WHY can't things go smoothly? because, melissa, that would be too damn easy, that's why.
on a brighter note, while i was waiting for this damn program to install, i went outside and watered the plants and flowers that i spent part of the day planting yesterday. i turned the corner to the side of my house and caught something out of the corner of my eye; it was green, and bright and very familiar. it was a firefly; the first firefly i've seen this season.
i love fireflies. they make me feel like a child, although i don't recall ever having seen a firefly until i was in my twenties. i saw the first firefly i can ever remember seeing in the front yard at my friend leilani wilma odell's house after we'd spent the day at scarborough faire. i was exhausted, sunburned, and couldn't wait to wash the dirty hippie stink off of me. a few years later, someone told me that fireflies aren't always greenish-yellow; he said "did you know fireflies come in different colors in different parts of the country?", which cracked me up. it sounded like they were available for purchase in the color of your choice, depending on your region; subject to availability and participation.
i ran in the house tonight to grab my camera, but by the time i got all the way back out the front door, they had moved on to a neighbor's yard. the elusive firefly. i love them so.
i'm off work for the next three days, tuesday, wednesday and thursday, and i could not be more excited about it. plans? none. i'm taking it eeeeeeeasy for the next three days.
or installing this damn program.

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