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my most favorite boy & daylight savings time

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i had a really good time saturday night, and i was in desperate need for a good time. my friend deryl dodd was playing the cotton club in granger, so i went with shellie & fred, and another friend, cathleen. deryl was fantastic as always, dispite having had his equipment trailer stolen on thursday morning around 2am in ft worth. all of the band's instruments were in the trailer, as well as all of their equipment and merchandise, and it was all stolen. fred & i went to go see deryl before the show and he said he'd bought himself a beautiful new takamine 6 string that he had fallen in love with. it sounded beautiful; he definitely got his money's worth. i'm glad to have had the opportunity to photograph his old guitar before it was stolen, a 1966 gibson country & western 6 string. i took this photograph and many others of his guitar while i was on tour with him last summer. this was taken before a performance in corpus christi.

deryl has the coolest guitar picks ever.

we normally stick around after the show and hang with deryl at the club owner's house to play catch up since we only get to see each other about once every six weeks or so, but deryl got stuck longer than usual signing autographs, so i went back in the club, gave him a peck goodbye, and we left.

it was a great night, but a long one, especially after having worked 8 hours that morning. i don't remember anything that happened after i washed my face and lay my head on my pillow... and when i woke up this morning to my phone ringing at 10am, i found out it was actually 11am, and i was late for an appointment at my house.

i hate daylight savings time.

2 Responses to “my most favorite boy & daylight savings time”

  1. Anonymous matt 

    Ah, to be with you, listening to music and drinking beer..... I'd be in heaven :)

  2. Anonymous melissa mcgee 

    matt, my dear, dear matt...

    next trip you plan to texas, you're planning it around one of deryl's shows. we're going to see deryl, we're two-stepping, and we're drinking shiner bock.

    you should plan it around sometime when he's going to be at the cotton club in granger - a TRUE smalltown texas honkytonk.

    heaven's a'waitin', darlin', and it's right here in texas. BRING IT!

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