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not bad for a monday

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for a monday, i have to say, today really hasn't sucked all that badly. which is nice, considering that most of my work weeks consist of five huge, long mondays in a row.
1. i was handed a totally juicy piece of gossip that i drooled over all day today; i was dying to tell someone, but i was a good girl. i only told one person. it is so good, you'd never believe it. i can't believe it. of course, probably no one reading this would know that person, and as such might not care, let alone care about believing it. but if you knew this person... you'd realize how good it is.
and now, i've beaten the dead horse so badly, it no longer resembles a horse.
2. i got my new tv today! yay for me and my ability to enable my own addiction! it's a philips flatscreen and it is beautiful and delicious and very flat and i'm not sure how to adjust the color on it, so chandler bing's shirt looks safety orange. it's going to look that way until i learn how to adjust the colors, but at least he won't be shot by hunters. or dick cheney.
3. i also got a brand new dining table, this monstrously huge ashley table with a cherry tabletop and huge, beautiful black-laquered turned legs. the top resembles a butcher block, which i love, and the chairs are cherry seats and black laquered backs. just gorgeous. i've got the leaf in it right now, and i'll need to get two - four more matching chairs, but right now, i'm just thrilled to have such a lovely table. as for the fate of the table that used to occupy my dining room, i removed it's leaf and moved it into my kitchen's breakfast nook. my kitchen is ginormous and was built with a corner specifically designed for a breakfast/bistro table. so i'm calling it my bistro nook because it sounds considerably less country farmhouse than "breakfast nook" to me. "bistro nook" sounds a bit snootier and more presumptious. i'm okay with that.
4. i'm OFF WORK this friday and the following monday! that is reason enough just to wake up in the morning... four glorious days off in a row. i'm using friday off to prepare my house (read: clean from top to bottom), buy copious amounts of booze, and perform various and sundry other running-around-errands involving day-before-the-swanky-cocktail-party preparation, including putting together the canapes and hors d'oeuvres that can be made ahead of time, not to mention getting my errant eyebrows waxed. the curse of being italian. more hair than any one person needs. damn my eyebrows! saturday i'm picking up my birthday petites fours (in lieu of a birthday cake) and all of the fresh stuff for the party, which is saturday night at 8pm. drunken portraits will begin somewhere around 10pm, and sometime around midnight i'll either be kicking people out of my damn house, or too drunk to care.
5. i'm going to turn off my laptop now and go watch my new tv until my eyes cross and there is no programming left but infomercials.

then, i'll probably watch infomercials, because i can.

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