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the party's over

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the dishwasher is running, full of plates, platters, utensils and other party accoutrements. there are currently close to 20 martini glasses soaking in my kitchen sink, along with 8 pilsners, 10 highballs and i don't know how many tumblers that were used as cocktail shakers. my stainless steel cocktail shaker was cleaned by hand. it saw a whole lot of action last night...
for certain, all of the cocktails were fabulous, but the most popular by far was the dirty hooker which, by the second round had seen a change of name to "filthy ho" which just seemed to fit a little better. i had more than my share of filthy hos, and at least one of everything else. my first drink of the evening was the peppermint patty i made and drank for my friend sara in brooklyn; you woulda loved it, sayra. i sure did. it nearly knocked me on my ass. shaken, not stirred, and shaken until my fingers nearly ice-fused to the stainless steel cocktail shaker - that was one good, cold peppermint patty martini, complete with a real peppermint patty garnish. deeeelish. it was cold cold cold all the way down.
the hors d'oeuvres and canapes were definitely a big hit as well and in true italian fashion, i made way too much of everything; always better to have too much. running out of any good thing is a cardinal sin in my family. my mother's beautiful canape contributions consisted of asparagus spears wrapped in herbed puff pastry, and a gorgeous assortment of cheeses and olives that were gone before i realized it.
my friend fred was dressed in a "texas tuxedo" - a beautiful red brocade waistecoat, string tie and tuxedo jacket and performed live music for all of the party guests most of the evening, and when he wasn't doing his thing, i had fabulous music playing on the stereo - everything from ella fitzgerald to goldfrapp to nick drake to earth, wind & fire.

somewhere around midnight we all went into my studio and had a great time taking drunken party portraits - which was a great idea, and was hilarious to say the very least. i can't believe the photos turned out half as good as they did, because i was pretty darn d-r-u-n-k. i've never been good at sodden photography, but i fared pretty well this go 'round. the photo above is of my friends michael and charlotte who were clearly uninhibited, thanks mostly to the constant flow of martinis. more photos to come soon.

the mood was great, the food was fantastic, the music was perfect, the drinks were potent to put it mildly, and the evening was a complete success - a fabulous, beautiful time. my home was full of mirth and music and laughter. it was truly a thing of beauty, and a good time was certainly had by all.

a swanky time.
so far, thirty five isn't nearly as bad as i imagined. happy birthday to me!

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