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re-heated party photos

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i put together a small album with a mini-tour of part of my house, as well as the rest of the snapshots from the party - please visit! click here and if you're so inclined, leave comments! i love feedback!

from my party, left to right: my sisters kristen (19) and megen (25), me, my very good friend shellie. megen is pregnant; she only looks drunk. she was caught mid-blink in this photo. she's drinking a very swanky julius ceasar. (my name for shirley temple - it just sounds classier.) i, on the other hand, am working on a serious buzz here, drinking a cosmo. deeeeelish.

above - me about to be sung to then blow out my candle. below - classy broad. the petites fours were GOOD.

above - the princess grace at her SECOND cocktail party; she's such a party girl. below - booze booze and more booze. that's not all of it...

my friend fred fuller entertained us all evening on the acoustic guitar. the princess grace fell head over heels in love with him, and if anyone spoke while he was singing, she would shoot a look at them that made them think twice about continuing the conversation!

i'm enjoying having two more days off of work - man, the last three days has just flown by! how is it that three 9 hour days spent at my office feel like something akin to three weeks, but three 24 hour days spent off seem to pass by in about 20 minutes?
my house is still clean - an amazing feat for me. i was going to leave the after-party clean up til this morning so i wouldn't spend my birthday cleaning, but i couldn't stand it, and finished it early yesterday afternoon. i'm glad i did. i love waking up to a clean house. i'm watching sixteen candles (yay!) on cable right now, one of my favorite movies, and new netflix dvds are coming tomorrow.

gotta go, i'm about to eat my birthday cake with jake ryan while sitting on his dining room table. um, i mean, molly ringwald is. not me. yeah. i meant her.
i love jake ryan.

2 Responses to “re-heated party photos”

  1. Anonymous matt 

    you have no idea how badly I wish I was there :(

  2. Anonymous melissa mcgee 

    ah! well, that can be remedied.

    i have decided that i WILL be having more swanky cocktail parties in the future!

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