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the shiner, the spammer & the humdinger

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all i wanted was a damn piece of candy.
werther's, to be precise. michael had them, and he sits four desks away from me. i said "cookie! (i call him "cookie".) throw me a werther's!" i'm a very good catch.
he threw me a werther's, and i caught it like an outfielder catching the would-be homerun to end the world series. it was beautiful. okay, so maybe that's a little dramatic, but it was a damn good catch, and truly a thing of beauty. michael must have been impressed, because he kept throwing them to me. two, then three, then uh-oh.
the fourth one was a little low, and would have landed in my neighbor alisa's desk if he'd thrown it any shorter; instead, it ricocheted off of the outside of her cubicle, and imbedded itself in the soft, fleshy part of my face just under my eye and my eye socket. it made this horrible noise when it hit me and i swear for a split second, i thought my eyeball was going to shoot out of it's socket. it did this "bouncy" thing, and although i couldn't see it, it felt like it bulged out just a little bit.
so, naturally i have a black eye now. my right eye. black in the inner corner, following the contour under my eye to about 3/4 of the way to the outside of my eye. pretty.
poor cookie; he felt horrible. i milked it for all it was worth. it's alright, really. my eye is fine. nothing more now than soreness, a little swelling still, and a burgeoning shiner.
i was supposed to go to cookie's going away party tonight but i have been getting a horrible headache for the last couple of hours. i came home after work today at 4, and laid down for a little nappy, dozed off and woke up with the beginnings of a splitting headache. i've done everything i know to do: caffeine, a loading dose of tylenol, accupressure; nothing has worked. i'm not sure if i'm going to cookie's party tonight or not.
i got SPANKED by spammers today on my blog. damn spammers! they hit most of my recent blogs at least twice, and there's no way to remove specific comments from blogger posts, just to hide the exising comments and disable future comments. i had to turn on word verification so if you comment on my posts in the future, sorry for the hassle.
oh my god, somebody please hit me over the head with a mallet and put me out of my misery. a little concealer would be nice as well.

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