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sweet melissa & kabuki drag queens

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ay dios mio! i don't want to go to work tomorrow. it's midnight, and i'm as awake as i've ever been, and i'm going to regret it come 7am tomorrow morning.
scratch that. this morning.
i feel like i got a lot accomplished today, though. i bought and potted a bunch of herbs for my side porch; can't plant them in the ground as the squirrels will dig under them to bury pecans from all the pecan trees in my yard.
i planted lavender, lemon thyme, lemon bee balm (sweet melissa, or melissa officionalis), sweet basil, chives & something else that escapes me at the moment but i'm too lazy to get up and go to my porch. i also planted the six rosemary bushes alongside my driveway, and two hydrangeas in big pots on my side porch. gorgeous.
i framed two vintage european advertisement prints, hung one in my bedroom and the other in my kitchen.
drank a dirty hooker martini and watched "i shot andy warhol", one of my favorite movies starring one of my favorite actresses, lily taylor. i love her. i have a s.c.u.m. magnet on my fridge that i got the day i saw that movie when i lived in dallas, watched it at the inwood theatre.
after my second dirty hooker martini, i got the bright idea to do the self portraits i meant to do on tuesday, as seen above. the others can be seen here or on flickr. i um, experimented with reds on my eyes; i won't try and fool anyone into thinking that i applied anything other than lipstick to my eye lids - who has red eyeshadow? not me. i do have tons of red lipstick though, so i went with what i had.
after all the red on my eyes, two sets of false eyelashes and a generous application of lip gloss, i ended up looking like a kabuki drag queen with greasy pork chop lips had mated with one of the vapid guitar-playing bimbos in a robert palmer video.
i'm okay with that.
if i've said it once, i've said it a thousand times: sometimes a girl just needs to get painted up like trash. it does wonders for the self esteem.
and martinis don't hurt, either.

3 Responses to “sweet melissa & kabuki drag queens”

  1. Anonymous Jann F. 

    Lovely...lovely... Can't think of anyone else who could pull off lipsticked brows better than you! Thanks for the much-needed chuckle this morning.

  2. Anonymous anna 

    i hate squirrels! wicked portrait.

  3. Anonymous shellie 

    great new photos! kabuki, yes; drag queen; not even. you are so beautiful! although, my favorite (oh that's right, you didn't ask ....) is the cowgirl with cleavage.

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