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t-minus 5.5 hours

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i think i'm ready. i've never thrown a real cocktail party before, so i don't really know if i'm ready, but i'm as ready as i'm gonna be.
i have made so many lists of things to do that i've started making lists about what lists i need to make. the first step is admitting i have a problem.
all i have left to do :
  1. my floors - oy VEY.
  2. finish the hors d'oeuvres & canapes
  3. get dressed
  4. have a fabulous time

i just took a little disco nap and am about to get back to it, full tilt boogie; the hors d'oeuvres are going to be delicious and they're almost done. there are a couple of things i have to put together right before the guests start arriving at 8pm. as i mentioned before, my mother is bringing a couple of surprise canapes and hors d'oeuvres for me, and last night my good friend michele and i whipped up the ones i'm serving:

alsatian cheese tarts - greek yogurt flavored with garlic, spread on crispy puff pastry, topped with shaved parmesan, shaved black forest ham & sauteed onions

caramelized onion & goat cheese tartlets - tiny little phyllo shells filled with chived goat cheese, topped with beautiful, sweet caramelized onions

kalamata & pesto crostinis - tiny slices of toasted french baguette, spread with basil pesto and topped pitted kalamata olives, sundried & diced fresh tomatoes tossed with balsamic & olive oil

i picked up my petites fours this morning - they're adorable, and delicious. yes, i ate one. i had requeste they spell out "happy birthday melissa" on petites fours, and as luck would have it, they guessed at spelling my name and got it wrong. there's only one "l" in melissa, so i ate the extra "l". hehe! it's my damn birthday party, i can do what i want.

the glasses are all clean and ready to go; i caught SUCH a bargain at pier 1 yesterday - i went looking for martini glasses on the off chance they'd have them on sale - and lo and behold, they DID - all their glassware was 20% off! woo HOO! i ended up getting martini glasses for 1.80 each. BONANZA. i could now throw a cocktail party for a small village, but then again, a girl can never have too many martini glasses...

those damn floors. they're the bane of my existance, and they're waiting for me, mocking me. they beckon, and i must answer.

then, it's off to swank-fest '06.

next time i blog, i'll be thirty-five.

2 Responses to “t-minus 5.5 hours”

  1. Anonymous sayra 

    you eat onions now? i'm impressed.

  2. Anonymous melissa mcgee 

    don't be too impressed too quickly... i still don't eat them raw as my overactive gag reflex still kicks into hyper mode the minute a raw onion passes my lips, which isn't often at all.

    but i'd eat just about anything if it was candied, which is what these onions just nearly were. i caramelized the onions with brown sugar, and they were just delicious!

    the onions on the alsatian cheese tart were sauteed until they were translucent and very soft, the only other way i can palate an onion.

    but i still pick onions off of everything else! hehe!

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