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well, that'll ruin your day...

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so maybe i liked it better when the house next door was vacant.
i miss my old neighbors. they up and moved to jackson hole, wyoming a couple of months ago, and a couple from longbeach, california bought the house before the old owners moved out. the house has been empty for 2 months.
they moved in today.
they arrived last night, and i was excited to see that they were here; ignorance is bliss. i saw three cars in the driveway with california plates on them as i was pulling into my driveway after work, so got out of my car and walked to their back door to welcome them to texas and to the neighborhood. trying to be a good neighbor. it was wasted on them, completely.
the female whose name i never got because she didn't give it, answered the door and i said my welcoming words and while i was speaking she turned around and hollered to her old man whose name eludes me at the moment that "the green house is here". green house? um, i believe i just said that my name was melissa. that doesn't even sound like green house. she was, of course, referring to the color of my house. he walked to the door and in lieu of saying hello or even "who the hell are you?" said "who's fence is that?" referring to the fence that separates my driveway from theirs. i mentioned that it was erected by the previous owners of their house and he said "good. i want to hang stuff on it.", then turned and walked away.
i finished my conversation with miss congeniality by telling her that if they needed anything to let me know, and welcomed her to the neighborhood again, and while i was doing so, she was shutting the door as i was still speaking. wow. um, RUDE.
this morning, i was wheeling my dumpster out to the street for pickup when what's-his-name yelled over to me, asking me when the city picked up large refuse because they were going to have a lot of boxes after the movers left. i told him they only picked up large refuse once a month, and it had been this previous tuesday.
the movers arrived shortly after in a semi - redball movers out of california. i know this because i had ample time to memorize the truck's appearance while i was landlocked in my driveway. the truck parked so that it was completely blocking me in my driveway. i didn't want to raise a stink because although i had plenty of running around to do, i also had plenty to do here at the house, and i could probably just wait for them to leave. so i waited. for 5 hours. finally, i walked outside and asked them if they could move just enough to let me out of my driveway and the movers were very polite, apologized for having blocked me in, and moved. i left on one of my pre-cocktail party errands.
when i got home, one of the large, long limbs from a 150-200 year old pecan tree at the corner of my driveway was laying half in my yard, and half on the street. it had been torn off the trunk of the tree; it took me absolutely no time at all to deduce exactly what had happened, but i didn't want to jump to conclusions. still, i didn't feel like assuming the moving truck had done it was that much of a stretch.
i walked over to the neighbors' house where what's-his-name was standing outside with some other longbeach bubbas and asked him if he happened to know what had happened to my tree. he said to me, and i quote: "yeah, i saw what happened to it. my moving van hit it when they left. i have a chainsaw on the way over and i'm gonna cut it up and leave it for the city to pick up. alright?" in a tone that suggested nothing less than "what are YOU gonna do about it?" ASSHOLE!!!
there is now a very large pile of brush laying in my yard at the corner of my driveway - that will be there for A MONTH until the city picks up large refuse again. i called the city to see about how i could get it picked up and charged to the jerks who moved in next door, and they said extra pick ups are $40 and i'd have to pay for it unless i could get them to sign off on it. i can tell alrady that that's not gonna happen.

he was standing in his yard when i was outside looking at it - was he not going to say anything to me until i asked? didn't he think it would raise suspicion for me to see him in my front yard with a CHAINSAW hacking away at my tree limb???
green house is PISSED and no longer happy to have neighbors.

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