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vpn, sleepy & crackhead hookers


what a day...
i had my first day on the new job today! it went well; as well as any first day on the new job cab be. i mean, i'm in the training phase, so i didn't exactly get a lot accomplished other than learning, but everybody was so nice and friendly and hospitible. really nice people in public safety.
got my work laptop today as well; brought it home tonight to vpn into the network at my office, but was frustratingly unable to do so... for some reason i wasn't able to make a connection to my wireless network. that'll stop you every time.
my new work schedule for the next few weeks is 7am - 3:30pm, and as excited as i was last night about my first day on my new job, i couldn't fall asleep last night... like a kid the night before christmas. I'M 35! needless to say, i'm pretty exhausted tonight and am about to go to bed.
this afternoon when i got off work though, i wanted to be able to take advantage of the available daylight since i am getting off work so much earlier than on my old schedule, so i toodled around town with my camera in tow, looking for inspiration.
i had always wanted to photograph the abandoned car wash located a few blocks from my neighborhood, in a little bit seedier part of town, so i drove to the carwash, parked and walked around snapping photos.

the wiles of the devil

brokelmeyer & bracken


pretty sure the old abandoned carwash is now an operational crackhouse or shooting gallery of some sort, as i was greeted about 5 minutes after i took this photo by a very rough looking working woman and her gentleman friend, both seemlingly LOADED on something. they were both moving a little as if they were in slow motion, and the man said to me "hey, that's a nice camera! lemme see that camera!" and came walking towards me. that's when i took off running to my car.
by the time i was safely in my car with the engine running, they were no where near me. i think they took SLOW POKE drugs. they were definitely walking my direction, and i was the only other visible person there (no telling if there were more people inside the carwash or not), but i made my safe getaway and drove my happy ass back to the safety of my house.
i don't enjoy being chased by crackheads and hookers on a tuesday afternoon.
more photos from today's adventure on the daily photo.

jewish penicillin & deliverance


first, for matt: i got nuthin' but this for you!
as of today, i have officially been sick for TEN days.
as of today, i have officially been in my house for THREE days.
i am officially sick to death of theraflu, nyquil, dayquil, vick's vaporub, halls lozenges and kleenex tissues with aloe. damn kleenexes are making my nose break out.
today i went hardcore. today, i made homemade chicken soup.
let me assure you: this stuff kicks ass.
i'm actually feeling better. penicillin, indeed.
i can cross #2 off of my melista now; last night at about 11pm, "deliverance" was on cable. i watched it from opening credits to ending credits, barely able to pry my eyeballs off of the screen, what with all those hillbillies. those are some scary-ass crackers. and that weird kid who played dueling banjos with ronnie cox? DIOS MIO.
i did a little IMDb research on that banjo-playing freak from deliverance and found out his name is billy redden, and he is now a cook & dishwasher at a cafe in georgia. IMDb had this to say about billy redden:
"At the age of 16 this boy from Rabun County, Georgia, was the only "authentic" local to play the role of The Banjo Boy in John Boorman's disturbing hit movie Deliverance (1972). He was hand-picked from his local elementary school largely due to his "look" (his large head, skinny body, odd-shaped eyes and moronic grin had sadly branded him a poster-child for inbreeding and mental deficiency)."

man, i am still creeped out by that kid, not to mention that even though i previously "got the joke" about squealing like a pig without having seen the movie, now that i have seen it i not only get it, i want to get rid of it.
ned beatty in size-jumbo not-so-tighty-not-so-whiteys... burned into my frontal lobe.
i kept wanting to brush my teeth watching that movie. the choppers on those hillbillies... wow.
i'm making plans to NEVER visit appalacia.

I START MY NEW JOB TOMORROW! i am so excited i'm gonna wet my pants! i'm gonna go brush my teeth. again.

the melista - 101 things about me


UPDATED 5.29.06 - see #2, then see the bottom of this list. i'm a moron. or a hillbilly.
i have cabin fever. i've been inside for the last two days with whatever this crap is that's going around, and have regressed into my previously in-check OCD behavior including list making. grocery lists. to-do lists. already-done lists. lists of lists i need to make. and now, the melissa list, or "the melista", as i like to call it, because i'm wacked-out on cold medicine.
get in, sit down, shut up and hang on.

1. i have an abnormal, completely irrational, paralyzing fear of clowns. seriously.
2. i never seen "deliverance". - saw it, 5.29.06
2. i collect whimsical teapots and bottlecaps.
3. when I was in 2nd grade, i met theodore seuss geisel, dr. suess.
4. i am the only italian in my family.

5. seeing people trip and/or fall makes me laugh till I pee.
6. i accidently dyed my hair black once, and it was iridescent like a crow.
7. i can play the accordion. well.
8. i “went” to college for 2 semesters, but really I would drive there and take naps in my car.
9. the worst nightmare I ever had involved charles manson, a 4-foot bag of cheetos and a japanese katana.
10. i have only had one cavity my whole life, but;
11. my upper two front teeth are bonded together, and one day the bonding is going to fall off. probably in an embarrassing yet comical scenario.
12. i have been offered every job I’ve ever interviewed for except one; i re-interviewed and got it, and i start on tuesday!
13. i once met johnny depp at barney’s beanery in hollywood, and he told me i had “a great set of lips”.
14. whenever i dream that i’m married, i’m always married to john corbett. that is VERY okay with me.
15. i have always wanted to switch to mac OS but am too intimidated.
16. i have had surgery 12 times.
17. i swallowed a straight pin when I was 2 ½ years old. My mom “waited” for it, and it’s now in my baby book. gross.
18. i am a three stooges afficianado. really.
19. i once waxed one of my eyebrows completely off in what I now refer to as “the waxident”
20. if I could look like any celebrity, I’d want to look like lili taylor.

21. i am completely, desperately addicted to afrin nasal spray since i was 15 years old.
22. my favorite drink has always been icewater.
23. i can recite every word of dialogue from young frankenstein, fletch, raising arizona, steel magnolias & grease.
24. no matter how hard i try, i can NOT learn to play the guitar.
25. if i don’t have a starbucks quad espresso before 10am, i have a headache all day long, and i complain about it ALL DAY LONG.
26. i have never been married. thank God. if i had been married, i'd be divorced.
27. i have an unnatural obsession with dried herbs, and have more than 200 in my apothecary.
28. i’ve always wanted a monkey because my mother and father had one before i was born. his name was algernon. and yes, he flung poo.
29. i dance worse than chandler bing.
30. i’m a big fan of barry manilow. yeah, i said it.
31. i don’t have a passport.
32. i’m not a big fan of alcohol and imbibe extremely infrequently.
33. when I have food cravings, it’s usually either sashimi, cinnamon rolls or spinach.
34. i am a sympathetic vomiter.
35. i’ve always wanted to win a grammy.
36. i am the trivial pursuit goddess, all editions except sports.
37. i abhor anything sports related.
38. i’ve never been a blonde.
39. my favorite bandnames are adios pantalones and vanilla trainwreck.
40. I know all the words to the bonanza themesong.
41. my favorite holiday has always been halloween.
42. alice in wonderland has terrified me for as long as i can remember. like clowns.
43. i will not eat an onion unless it’s cooked to mush. even then, i have reservations.
44. i have five tattoos, and i’m pretty sure i’m done.
45. i once accidentally super glued my right hand to the side of my car and was stuck that way at a gas station for 3 hours. that was a proud day in my life.
46. i see dead people. i was once interviewed on a news special when a news crew investigated the haunted house i was living in. the caption read: “melissa mcgee: senses spirits”.
47. i once caught someone breaking into a car at 4am. he tried to run away, turned his ankle on a rock and fell into a creek where he landed on a fallen tree and broke his leg. punk.
48. i’ve been stabbed.
49. julia roberts nauseates me and i'd kind of like to punch her in the throat.
50. i’ve been saying martha stewart was shady for years.
51. if i had been a boy, my name would have been jason, named after jason and the argonauts.
52. i was born with naturally auburn hair, the least common shade of red hair.
53. i was also born with brown eyes, an extremely rare eye color for a red head. see #80.
54. i have two extra bones in both of my feet.

55. al lewis, who played grandpa munster, once sang happy birthday to me
56. my father is a direct descendant of mary, queen of scots. i guess that means i am, too.
57. i was banned for life from the dallas zoo because i accidently killed a mccaw when i was 4 years old.
58. i will eat any variety of sushi or sashimi except urchin, because it’s the texture of phlegm.
59. i was good friends in high school with two of the voiceover artists for yugioh.
60. i once killed a spider on a pizza delivery man’s face by slapping him. he wasn’t as appreciative as i thought he would be.
61. the sound effects in the movie “twister” hit too close to home, and i broke out in hives watching it in the movie theatre when it first came out.
62. i was once a witness for the prosecution in a murder trial in dallas.
63. i drive the speed limit.
64. i am always too hot, never too cold. i hate being hot.
65. i have never visited nor had the inclination to visit a tropical locale.
66. i want to go to sardegna on my honeymoon if i ever get married.
67. many years ago i called in sick from work to stay home and watch a golden girls marathon on lifetime. it was worth it.
68. i got my finger caught in a theatre seat’s reclining mechanism and tore it open, and left the theatre with blood spurting from my finger. the movie? “night of the living dead”.
69. i have a blood lust for rats but i don’t want to be near them.

70. i went to summer camp with a girl whose name was cherry dick.
71. my nicknames include smelly, lissa, skeecat, swee’pea and gidge. (see # 77)
72. i had to cut all of my hair off once after a perm fused my hair together so badly it looked like dredlocks. at the time, my hair was down to my butt.
73. i used to have a hedgehog.
74. when I was in radio, I accidentally dumped soup into the control board, knocking my radio station off of the air for 4 days while the replacement board was delivered at a cost of $29k, which was more than I made that year by several thousand dollars.
75. i had my 16th birthday party at Tom Joyner’s house in irving, texas.
76. i was righteously stalked by a creepy, obsessed mistake of an ex-boyfriend 7 years ago.
77. when I was 14, i convinced everybody at summer camp that although my name is melissa, all of my friends called me “gidge”. it worked.
78. i am the 7th generation first born; all 7 generations’ first born was a female. the legacy ended with me as my sister, the 5th born of the generation had the first baby of the new generation.
79. i am the oldest of 8 granddaughters.
80. my eyecolor changes from brown to auburn – matching my hair color perfectly – depending on what i’m wearing, but i tell people it changes with my moods. and they buy it.
81. two of my friends and one of my uncles gave their daughters the middle name kate after me.
82. i am a fairy Godmother.
83. i once drove a flaming bread truck down the highway. it was AWESOME, but it wasn’t my fault.
84. i once yelled “what’s the holdup!” in a bank drive-through before I really thought about what i was saying. the tellers didn’t find it humorous.
85. i have a somewhat obsessive fear of scorpions though i’ve never been stung.
86. when I was 5, i accidently kicked out a girl’s two front teeth in ballet class because instead of doing pliers, i was doing high kicks like a rockette. my mom was asked not to bring me back to class.
87. when i was 16, i ate two whole canisters of play-doh in under one minute, on a dare. also in less than a minute, i vomited it all back up. red and yellow play-doh barf, white carpet. dusty’s mom was maaaaaad.
88. when i was 17, i got drunk for the very first time on triple sec, grand marnier and vodka. i didn’t get drunk again for a very long while.
89. i make kickass potato soup, crème brulee, velveeta fudge and fried egg sammiches.
90. i have only eaten spam once in my life, and only then because there was trickery involved.
91. my first fight was when i was 5; i busted some 6 year old bitch upside her damn head with my little pink purse full of playground gravel.
92. i the past i have had pets named: chicken, tutu, nicky, crusty, paisley, pyewackett, peanut, massive cat, akasha, rosie, sebastian, cocoa, little pig, screwy, scooter pie, and a hamster named wildfire.
93. i was so disturbed at seeing the ending scene of “hannibal” that i barfed in the theatre.
94. at a texas rangers baseball game (see #37) i tried to blow a bubble with my gum and accidentally spit my gum into the hair of the very large, angry man sitting in front of me.
95. among a long string of bizarre injuries, i was once in the hospital for 6 days with 2 cracked vertebra, a skull fracture, a brain bleed & aphasia after tripping over my cat.
96. i have never been successful with sea monkeys, no matter how many times i’ve tried.
97. i can only drink a glass of champagne if i’ve put 2 sugar cubes in it. i understand that’s the way hookers drink it, too.
98. i once accidentally punched kyle carter in the face while learning to square dance in the 4th grade for “pioneer days” at my school. he celebrated pioneer days with a black eye. i never got any better at square dancing, and found it difficult to find a willing partner.
99. i am way more obsessed than a person should be with febreeze antimicrobial spray.
100. at 35, i have only been to california, utah, new york, new jersey, oklahoma, new mexico, mexico and canada.
101. as i mentioned, i am a compulsive, obsessive list maker.
i JUST realized, two days after i started making this list that on #2 i wrote "i never seen "deliverance". notice the conspicuous absence of the word "have". must have been the power of suggestion. apparently i transported myself to appalacia for a moment there.
it's good to be back.

the great indoors


happy sunday! happy sunday! click here for the daily photo.

my family went to dallas this morning to see my grandparents and my aunt rosie who's in town from hollywood for a week or so. i had planned to go up to dallas myself and stay through tomorrow, but with this creeping crap i've got, i'm in no condition to make the drive, and i don't want to get my family sick by breathing all over them. so crap.
i do feel a little better than i felt yesterday, but then again, yesterday, i made out my will and finished paying off my burial plot. i felt like i was shaking hands with the reaper man yesterday. so anything is an improvement.
since it doesn't look like i'm going to be getting out of my house, with the exception of possibly going to the pharmacy for some stave-off-death-for-one-more-day medicine, i decided to venture out into my backyard for some fresh air. i put on some actual clothing, temporarily discarding my uniform of the last 24 hours consisting of a thin little slip-dress of a nightie for when i have the sweats, and a huge, thick terrycloth robe for when i have the chills, and i trodded into the outdoors.
i was greeted as soon as i opened the back door by a huge hornet's nest, buzzing with construction workers wearing hardhats and of course, stingers.
for some reason, i plowed on anyway.
i found a place at the side of my house where hank & willie had clearly begun excavating, and decided that a big rock would do the trick to keep them from digging any deeper. i went to the fenceline where there just happen to be huge rocks - for some strange reason - and found the one that looked like a perfect fit, turned it over, and discovered i had disturbed a small village of what appeared to be fiddleback spiders. brown recluse spiders for those not living in texas. i'm not certain that's what they were, but i decided to err on the side of caution rather than inviting one onto my arm for closer inspection. i got the eff away from the rock and fiddleback village tut suite and decided that if hank & willie want to excavate, who am i to discourage them from learning a new trade?
i turned tail to get back in the house where there are less chances i'll develop flesh-eating necrosis from a bug bite, taking special care to scream like a harpy in my attempts to discreetly sneak by the now even larger hornet's nest. once inside, i discovered that in the less than five minutes i was outdoors, i collected approximately four thousand mosquito bites. pretty.
so much for the great outdoors. i'm staying inside today.
if i do venture out for more cold medicine, i'm definitely getting a can of raid.
or a flamethrower.

holy sacred cow




gracie is crawling!


megen and kirk had gracie at their house last night, and megen sent me this video - which made me cry! gracie started crawling this week, and since i've been sick, i wanted to stay away from her so she didn't get what i have... unfortunately as a result, i've been missing THIS!

she's wearing her absolute favorite outfit - nothing but a diaper. notice she's crawling to get a CELL PHONE from uncle kirk's daughter... gracie is definitely her mother's daughter. phone obsession begins at age 9 months... (ps there is no sound - your speakers are fine.)

pure d dookie


is what i feel like.
whatever this is, i've been fighting it off for days. i got it last friday or saturday, was sick all day sunday & monday, felt tons better on tuesday, but had lost my voice completely; still no voice on wednesday and starting to feel rather crummy again, and it's been a steady decline towards feeling like dookie since. today i woke up with a horrific headache that i can't make go away. not even with coffee. not even with tylenol sinus. not even with dayquil, which in fairness, i just took about twenty minutes ago, but i still have complete faith that it will FAIL ME. i've been hearing all week long at work that whatever this is "has been going around", so at least i know i'm not typhoid mary. she never got sick. just passed it generously from one unsuspecting idiot to the next. no, i've got it. i'm gonna kill that damn typhoid mary if i don't croak from this.
here comes the hardcore whining: i have chills. i have a fever. i am sweaty and cold at the same time. it's 87 degrees at 10:58am, and i can't get warm. yes, i've taken a shower this morning which made me even colder, and knocked the sweat off of me for a few minutes. my throat feels live i've eaten something akin to broken glass & battery acid, and i cannot breath out of my nose. i've blown my nose so much i'm pretty sure one of my nostrils came off with the last blow. pretty.
happy effin memorial day weekend, everybody. the weather is gorgeous, not a cloud in the sky. i'm going to go spend it in bed with some vick's vaporub & honey-lemon theraflu.

getting punked & richard simmons


for sayra: the first one from 5.26.06 is for you! i haven't forgotten about your crappy homemade present; i just had to put it on the back burner for a bit. it's coming, i promise!
if you need a good laugh, click this because, as my friend randy darnell said in his email, it's just "wrong". wrong, as in RICHARD SIMMONS and those crazy-tiny shorts with his ass hanging out of them, and that big, oversized boyfriend-beater shirt. and that afro. that freakish, richard simmons afro. that is one boy crazy little gay man.
wrong, yes. because it's so damn right.
this had me slapping my knees and laughing out loud. it's about 6.5 minutes - watch the whole thing, it just gets funnier and funnier. turn up the volume.
i had my LAST DAY in nt2 today! much to my surprise, my coworkers had decorated my desk and made me a cake and a "good luck!" sign! apparently, the original sign read "pack up your s*** and get the f*** out, b****." written by my friend tracy. she's a nutball.
then, i got punked. it was AWESOME! my department manager - the guy in charge of the entire IT department called me into his office, sat me down for what i mistakenly thought was going to turn out to be a run-of-the-mill exit interview, and started asking me what's been going on within my team lately. i wasn't sure where he was going with that line of questioning, and the confusion must have been apparent on my mug. he said he'd heard "some things" had been going on on my team, and i said that i hadn't heard anything and wasn't aware of anything going on within the members of my team; then i said "am i involved?" with even more confusion, but certain that whatever it was, there was no way i could have been involved with any of it. my fears were NOT assuaged when he told me that my name had come up specifically, but he just wanted to hear my side of things, and he didn't want to jump to any conclusions. what the...? now, not only was i thoroughly confused, but i was starting to get a little worried, wondering what the hell i could have done and NOT remembered. he kept pressing and pressing, and i kept telling him i didn't know what he was talking about, and he would answer me with things like "just be honest with me".
then tracy and another coworker friend damian came in the room, laughing their asses off. i looked at tyrone and he wasn't able to keep up the act any longer either, and busted out laughing. i said something to the effect of "y'all suck!" and started to leave tyrone's office, but decided it had been a pretty damn good practical joke, and i'm certainly no spoiled sport.
it was better than it *could* have been; they'd initially planned to have security contact me, then attempt to escort me out of the building. my friend justin, a wise, wise man, advised against doing that because he knew that i'd probably end up actually losing my job if they tried to do that. i'd have gone, but i'd have gone windmilling and screaming the entire way out to the parking lot. the police would have had to get involved just to get me out of the building, and then where would i be? probably coolin' my heels in the clink.
i love little debbie zebra cakes. there probably aren't any zebra cakes in the hoosgow.

my voice is back! sort of.


i didn't talk at all yesterday.
well, a little.
not enough to count, really. the only time i spoke was when my blessed little time warner guy came out to install my roadrunner; i greeted him, he heard that my voice was barely there, and i croaked out "so i'm not going to be talking much" to which he said "no problem. you can just nod or shake your head". that works for me. i even improvised when offering him something cold to drink: i held up a coke next to a diet coke, and he took the coke with a thank you. when he said "all done!" and had gathered up all of his tools, i held up my checkbook, and he told me the total. i wrote the check, shook his hand, mouthed the words "thank you" and walked him to the door.
i think i might have spoken a grand total of twelve words yesterday. that's voice rest.
as a result, my voice is back! it's a little shaky, and sounds somewhat like i need to clear my throat, but i can talk. i'll be able to actually do my job today - for the last time! this is my last day in NT2 as a tech-support monkey. 6:30pm and i'm outta there.
i'm giving blood at 10:45 this morning, and i'm not really sure what got into me, volunteering to give blood; i have a pretty spotty track record when it comes to being able to walk away from the scene of a donation on my own two legs. i'm a fainter.
i have high hopes for today though. maybe i've outgrown the fainting thing. maybe when you turn 35 you don't pass out when having blood drawn anymore. i am strong. i am invinceable.
plus i get a tshirt and a squeezie. cool.

to do list, redux


so on my previous post today, i had many items happily crossed off of my "to do" list for my fabulous day off. however, despite my well-intended enthusiasm, here's what didn't get done today:

1. give dogs a bath
whatever. i don't have that kind of energy today. i only had 6 cups of coffee.

2. check apples on appletree for ripeness
check. done. i'm martha freakin' stewart.

3. organize recipes & recipe books
check. again, very martha. it's a good thing.

4. take photos of something interesting
check. see here.

5. organize bookshelf in bedroom
um, nope. still a trainwreck. a huge, embarassing trainwreck.

6. dust blinds throughout house (who am i kidding?)
well, at least i knew it wouldn't happen.

7. harvest basil from herb garden
what? okay, this martha crap as gone too far. didn't do it.

8. wash my car
i'll just let god wash my car.

9. shave my damn legs
i'll just let god shave my damn le... wait, that's not cool. but i didn't do it, either.

10. color my damn hair
yeah. nope.

11. love on willie & hank more
check. done. sleeping peacefully as i write this.

to do list for my day off


give dogs a bath
wash dog bedding

wait for hours and hours for the time warner cable trained monkey to install my roadrunner
open windows & air out the house
roast chicken
check apples on appletree for ripeness
pick up dog landmines in backyard
don't talk to anybody to reserve voice (until cable guy gets here, which may never happen)
watch too much lifetime on tv
organize recipes & recipe books
change water in sunflower vase in dining room
take photos of something interesting (from "take a photo every day" on my 43 things)
organize bookshelf in bedroom
dust blinds throughout house (who am i kidding?)
drink more coffee than i should
harvest basil from herb garden
wash my car
take out the trash
shave my damn legs
color my damn hair
sleep in
love on willie & hank
love on willie & hank more

melissa is hap-hap-happy. my most sincere apologies to the trained monkey really nice time warner installation guy who installed my roadrunner. showed up at 12:15, out the door at 1pm. that's what i'm talkin'.

and then there were 43


i finally came up with my 43rd "thing" for my 43 things list.
however, i didn't want to make 43 seem any more significant than any of the others by virtue of it being the last - same as number 1 isn't any more significant, so i REARRANGED THEM ALL. just to mess with my own head, really.
then i started on my 43 places and then my 43 people, both of which are currently significantly less than 43, and just one more nugget of proof to me that i spend too much time online.
i'm off tomorrow to while away the hours, waiting with baited breath for the trained monkey from time warner cable to come out and install my roadrunner. i am convinced that time warner is exclusively staffed by minions of satan. but hey - i'm off work. even though i'll be landlocked until the roadrunner guy shows up, at least i won't be at work.
then on friday, i work my last day at NT2... then on to public safety! i got to go into the public safety office today for the first time; saw my desk, even. it was very cool... very "inner sanctum" feeling to it. my id badge was security upgraded today to allow me entrance into the office. also very cool...
i would like to end this post by saying that flickr gamma SUCKS IT.

the daily photo


after having become somewhat obsessed with my list of 43 things, i've decided to make myself accountable for at least one of the things on my list: take a photo every day.
i stopped photoblogging a couple of years ago, and have really missed it. i don't miss xanga at all, which is where i photoblogged on my blog called "photoblography"; so i've decided to do it right here on blogger.
i'll be posting at least one new photo every day. hopefully. i'm going to try and make this a commitment. i got a small jump on things by posting four new photos to the inaugural posting for the daily photo.
please do visit, and let me know what you think; feedback is appreciated!

43 things minus 1 thing


i have 42 things on my 43 things list. (and for sayra, all consuming )
i don't know what the hesitation is to find a 43rd "thing" for my list. maybe that should be #43.
if you've never visited the site before, it's a really great idea - and really makes you think about your life. did for me, anyway. it's really neat, especially if you're an anal-retentive list maker, as i am. it's a sickness. perhaps "learn to stop making lists" should have made the list. that would be a little too much reality for me, i think.
if you *do* visit, and if you do make your own list of 43 things, please comment and let me know! i'd love to visit your 43 things.
i'm debating actually creating a 43rd thing on my list... maybe i'll just throw caution to the wind and leave that one dangling.

it would sound like me.

i have lost my voice. i was hoarse yesterday all day, but today my voice is totally gone. it slipped away somewhere on a phone call. it had been dwindling most of the afternoon, and was pretty deep right before it went away totally.
ME: "thank you for calling sprint-nextel tier II technical support. my name is MELISSA."
CUSTOMER: "hi. yes sir. um, my text messaging's not working."
she called me "sir" one more time after that, and i managed to croak out that i was a girl, to which she asked "really?" with genuine confusion.
yes, really. bitch.
i started getting sick on friday late, but didn't realize i was getting sick, just thought i was a little rundown. saturday when i mowed the lawn, i sucked some sort of rogue airborne pollen-spore-thingy up my nose and sneezed for a couple of hours whilst i lay naked on my bed with the ceiling fan going full tilt boogie because i got REALLY HOT mowing the lawn at noon. yesterday i realized i was sick-sick, not just rundown. today, however, i'm not sick-sick. i'm sick-sick-sick. i sang on saturday night - burned the roof off'a the joint. knocked it out of the park. apparently, i blew my voice out completely singing. thank goodness my voice at least lasted through the show.
i seem to lose my voice about once a year, and it lasts for about a week or so. what i always marvel at, is that every time i lose my voice and have to struggle to be heard, i have this mental block that causes me to over-compensate for my lack of audible voice, and tend to gesture wildly and use over the top mouth movement, as if the people i'm talking to are hearing impaired and must read my lips. i always envision myself as a cartoon when i realize i'm doing that.
i'm stupid.
i have a headache from talking. i get all light headed and woozy. maybe i should just take this as my cue to shut the hell up for a day or two. that's an interesting, novel concept...

the life of the party


my neice gracie. a sleeping angel having a nap on my bed with pooh. she's sleeping in "the donut" :this ingenius donut-shaped pillow that she gets strapped into to keep her from rolling or scooting off of the bed. cool.
the party was this afternoon, and for the occasion, i bought these:

i love sunflowers, and i bought 10 stems for my dining room table centerpiece. the party was a good time. great food, sangria, and TAB! i love tab. when i was little, my mom used to drink tab by the case. i stocked up on tab for the party because i knew my mom would get a kick out of seeing her adult daughter's fridge full of tab. my mother, who eschews smoking and is a fervent anti-smoking proponent used to be a smoker. today at the party, she actually said "man, back in the 70's if you had a tab in one hand, and a virginia slim in the other, you had it goin' on."
it was a little disturbing for some reason. i don't remember growing up in a mobile home.
as i mentioned, my mother used to be a smoker; in 1977 she went to schick-shadel in dallas to quit smoking. schick-shadel used aversion therapy for their smoking cessation program (which they still offer, according to their website, as well as aversion therapy for vicodin, weed, oxy, and various and sundry other delicious illegal substances) utilizing tactics like electric shock every time she tried to take a drag off of her glamour-length virginia slim 120, and they actually made her EAT cigarette butts that she'd smoked. gag. barf. and barf she did.
she is now one of those ex-smoking nazis. but she sure loves her tab, and it brings back for her all those forbidden memories of being alive with pleasure, and washing it down with cold, refreshing carbonated saccharin.
gracie wore her posh frock to the party today and was this afternoon's hands-down attention getter. she has cut her first tooth! and the cool news is that AUNT LISSA MADE THE DISCOVERY! i am a hero right now, at least to me. we all knew she was about to cut a tooth, but i was the first one to feel that it had broken through her gums while i was feeding her, of all things, melted chocolate off of a chocolate covered cream puff. she is, after all, my neice. food aggressive + chocolate lover = my neice.
i am exhausted and woke up this morning feeling pretty crunchy. my sinuses are wacked-out or something; my soft palate feels swollen and somewhat inflamed and it hurts when i swallow. waaaah. i've got this weird, disturbingly productive cough, and grody things are coming out of my nose, which i've been blowing so much today it's probably just going to snap off of my head sometime this evening. i hate being sick. more specifically, i hate being around myself when i'm sick. i'm a baby. i whine a lot. i annoy even myself when i'm sick. i hope whatever it is is short lived because i can only stand myself for small doses of time when i'm like this, and i've already begun to wear on my very last nerve.

sara, the lawn ranger & google calendar


for sara: blogger can SUCK IT. i was getting full tilt boogie spammed by f*ers all over the place, so i turned on my damn "word verification" for comments, and ALL comments stopped altogether. crap. got your message on your blog today, turned off the word verification, and BLAM! ZIFF! WIFFLE! spam all over the place within - literally - minutes of having turned it off. blogger is a bitch. comments are enabled again although you might have to wade through spam for cialis, online poker and various & sundry vibrating "toys of ecstacy". sticky.
an example of a message that i just recieved, 5 times on separate posts - "I am smart auto posting. We are posting from auto machine." smart assholes.
my mother is having a party.
she's having it at my house. sunday.
the party is for a friend of hers who is a representative for arbonne swiss skin care, and she asked my mom to host the party; my mom gets really cool free crap, and i get to clean my damn house. floors, really. that's the bulk of my cleaning. if you've read my blog for any amount of time, you already know that i have 2300 square feet of hardwood floors* that are a royal bitch to sweep, sweep again, mop and gloss, three or four times. they look unbelievably beautiful when i actually do it, but i rarely do the whole routine, full tilt boogie. for a while there i was doing it nearly every time i booked a sitting in my studio; that grew tiresome BUT QUICK.
i have that to look forward to on sunday morning. i'm doing it the day of the party because there's just too great a chance they'll get a) barfed on b) peed on or c) crapped on by a white boxer, so i'm playing it close to the vest.
tomorrow, i have the lawn to look forward to. yes, i am mowing my lawn. i borrowed megen & kirk's lawn mower and weed whacker in lieu of buying my own yet, and will be up at the asscrack of dawn in the morning pissing off all of my neighbors, somewhere around 7am.
i've been trying to remember how long it's been since i actually mowed a yard. i think it was sometime back in the seventies. actually, it was about 4 years ago when my ex and i had a house about 4 blocks from where i live now; i mowed the damn lawn because if i didn't, it wouldn't get mowed, even though i was told over and over that it wasn't my job, and should be left to someone with more aptitude for yard mowing, like my ex. whatever. first of all, it ain't brain surgery; a monkey could do it. secondly, if i ever took an aptitude test that said i should be a yard mower, i'd shoot myself in the face. knock yourself out, ex. i hope you and your aptitude are very happy together. ps, i drove by a couple of weeks ago. the damn grass needs mowing. get on that.
i'm actually going to set my alarm clock for a saturday morning to mow the lawn. i feel sorta like a grownup.

i guess it's about time.

finally, i discovered this morning while checking my gmail that google has FINALLY added a calendar to their gmail offering; i've been waiting for it for some time now, and it's pretty darn nifty. it's very similar to the outlook calendar which i've lived by for years, but this one is online so i can access it anywhere without having to get into my outlook calendar via webmail, which is never the same as the real thing. i love it, and i'm excited about it. there's something very wrong and not just a little sad about a 35 year old woman who gets her jollies from hand-copying her calendar from outlook to gmail. between the calendar & the flaming zombies, i'm starting to worry that eharmony is going to start spamming me next.

*the only exceptions from hardwoods being the kitchen and both bathrooms, which are tile. also a bitch to clean.

flaming zombies are cool


zombies + burning oil + flaming wax = melissa stayed up too late. how did it take me so long to find this? i am completely and utterly addicted to all manner of "falling sand" - and i think hell of sand might be my favorite one.

i spent the better part of last night trapping zombies in wax, watching them chew through it only to fill their new waxy hole with oil, then TORCH THEM. it was awesome. the wax catches fire, and since zombies constantly fall from above, they fall right into burning wax and POOF. no more zombie. every time a zombie gets waxed (so to speak) another one takes it's place. sure, they're stick-figure zombies, not nearly as scary as the ones that chase me in my nightmares, but you can play with 'em! there's a "hand" feature that lets you toss zombies around like rubbery ragdolls, pull them out of the wax, throw them into fire, and generally just beat the shit out of them. sweet. kickin' zombie ass.

i'm going to get NO work done today.

planetdan, sand & june allyson bladder pads


i suppose it's actually my own fault. however, being italian, a red-head and a woman, i am reluctant to admit guilt, so i'll blame it all on dan that i'm addicted to this. (see my sad, sad addiction below in all of it's embarassing glory.) it's all dan's fault. i'm completely addicted. i can't stop. i'm spiraling out of control. soon i'll be standing on the side of I-35 with a cardboard sign that reads "will work for highspeed internet" scrawled in cigar butt.

above? yes. falling sand. i made this. tonight. i made it because i am SO LAME. what's worse, and an even sadder commentary on my ultra-exciting life is that it was the THIRD one i made tonight. i'm such a loser i'm trying to figure out how to tell myself i'm not really into hanging out with me anymore.

dan has the funniest blog i think i've ever read. evar. i've been poring over his blog archives for the last few days. i've even been bookmarking where i've been leaving off so i'll know where to start when i'm online again. i haven't laughed outloud so much since i can't remember when, and i laughed so hard yesterday at one of his older posts that i'm pretty sure a little pee came out. don't tell anybody or june allyson will start harassing me again. bitch.
as i write this, i'm watching the series finale of will & grace. i'm ambivalent about it as of right now. haven't been watching it for the last couple of years, but really wanted to watch it tonight. still ambivalent.
as of tomorrow i have 1 week until i start in public safety. w00t! i'm so excited i could just weewee. and - i have memorial day off! bonanza. to celebrate, i'm going to buy a lawn mower. my neighbors will be thrilled.
on a completely unrelated note, i just saw some commercial, i think for kmart or something, with a guy walking out into the kitchen saying "dad's lost some weight!" and he's wearing a butter yellow cotton pique shirt, and kelly green jogging shorts - nay, daisy dukes, ala richard simmons and circa 1981. complete with rolled white piping. they're truly hideous. the commercial was fabulous.
UPDATE: will & grace is officially over. the finale was ginormously disappointing. there was one "shocker" that was truly heartwarming and sappy and well done. the other 57 minutes of the finale pretty much sucked donkey ones. besides, sean hayes, 50% of my favorite actors on the show, seemed to have been on quaaludes.

hours of hilarious fun!


you are compelled to click this

especially if you're not a huge fan of gw.

if he gets stuck you can click & drag him around!

hank is home & cable bastards


bastards. time warner cable. they're bastards. more on this in a moment.
hank is home! i picked him up on my lunch break today from the vet. he's better, but you'd never know it by looking at him. he's so thin, he's a shadow of his former little hank self... he continued to lose weight in the veterinary hospital, apparently, although they were able to get him through the mystery virus, as they did willie. he came home with copious medications and is much harder to pill than willie was. he's much faster; he's wiley. he is, after all, the brains of the outfit.
his ribs are showing, his spine is showing, he looks like he's about 2 months younger than he actually is, and taller than he should be for that specific age. when i left the vet, their parting words to me were "take that boy home and fatten him up."
fatten him up, i will. he ate like a piglet when i got him home, and drank like he hasn't had water in a week. i wondered for a minute if they had actually been giving him access to water. he's been on an IV for several days and only started drinking water from a bowl yesterday, but he's still a bit dehydrated; he had these weird, crusty dog boogers on his nostrils. gross. never seen a dog with boogers anywhere other than their eyes before.
he's also covered - and i do mean covered - in fleas, and that funky gritty "flea dirt" that comes with having an infestation of fleas. it's late, but we're about to hit the bathtub for a bath. good times. i hate to say this because i think i'm going to end up sounding like an opportunistic, hard-hearted bitch, but he'll be easier to bathe tonight than he will tomorrow, because he's still a little on the weak, shaky side, and he'll he stronger tomorrow. i'm going to hell for that.
time warner cable is the devil.
i have GOT to have roadrunner. i can't stand clearwire any longer. it might as well be dialup. hell, sometimes i think dialup is faster than clearwire, but i digress.
i love that to have time warner cable come out and install my highspeed i have to take an entire day off from work. why? because they can't tell you when the cable highspeed installation technician will show up. it's like a lottery. maybe he'll be there at the crack of dawn, and maybe he'll be there somewhere after 8pm. there's no tellin'. but boy howdy, you'd sure as hell better be home, or THEY'RE LEAVING. no calls, no note on the door, no SCREW YOU, LADY. nothing. so not only am i having to take a whole day off of work to wait on this jerk, i'm also landlocked in my house until he decides to arrive. nice that there's about a 12 hour window as to when he might or might not show up. i think these people probably start their work day sometime around 5pm and just like to screw with their customers by telling them they "could" show up around 8am.
whatever. they're probably still drunk at 8am. hell, they're probably still drunk at noon.

the treehouse: my weird luck.


i had no cause to believe this morning would be anything other than a typical monday morning when my alarm woke me up at 7am.

i let willie outside and shuffled down the long hallway and rounded the corner into the kitchen for my morning ritual, or to quote dolly parton,

get outta bed and i stumble to the kitchen
pour myself a cup of ambition
a'yawnin', stretchin' tryin' to come to life

i know you were singing along. don't try to deny it.

as i was preparing a very strong cup of coffee, my sleepy, not-quite-all-the-way-focused eyes trained on the kitchen window over the sink, subconsciously expecting to see what i see every morning: back yard. fence. neighbor's house across the street. sunlight.
my eyeballs and brains were a little confused when all they saw were green. leaves. foliage. TREE.

whaaat? let me just reiterate that this is not my normal kitchen window view; this is:

you can see how the image in the first photo might have given me pause... what the hell!

i ran out the front door with my camera around to the side of my house, and saw this:

"hm." i thought to myself, "interesting." i don't recall half of that 150 year old native pecan tree crushing my fence and filling my back yard yesterday."

we had severe weather yesterday and i spent most of the day with my family, from about 2:30pm until about 10:30pm, so i suppose it could have happened while i was gone, when there was inclement weather. no scorchmarks, so i doubt it was lightning.

i called the tree-fell-on-your-house authorities, who told me that pecan trees, while very hard wood when dried, are a soft wood when alive, and water from frequent, heavy rainfall tends to sometimes make the branches heavy enough to break off.

oh. well. i didn't know that. and now i do.

mr. chainsaw came out and chopped up the half-a-tree, and my fence, which seemed crushed and bent beyond repair, snapped right back into place without the weight of the tree. who knew rubbermaid manufactured chainlink fences. he stacked all of the tree-parts in my yard for the city's monthly large-refuse pickup which, unfortunately, isn't until the second tuesday in june. this is what me and my neighbors get to look at until then:

pretty. my neighbors are gonna love me even more than they already do. the chick without a lawnmower, whose yard guy is a good-for-nothing lazy layabout who shows up three weeks after he's supposed to when the grass is high enough to conceal preteen children standing erect. that lady.

and yes, in case you were wondering, my house is where the sidewalk ends, so here's my favorite poem from shel silverstein's book "where the sidewalk ends".


Someone ate the baby.
It's rather sad to say.
Someone ate the baby
So she won't be out to play.
We'll never hear her whiney cry
Or have to feel if she is dry.
We'll never hear her asking "Why?"
Someone ate the baby.

Someone ate the baby.
It's absolutely clear
Someone ate the baby
'Cause the baby isn't here.
We'll give away her toys and clothes.
We'll never have to wipe her nose.
Dad says, "That's the way it goes."
Someone ate the baby.

Someone ate the baby.
What a frightful thing to eat!
Someone ate the baby
Though she wasn't very sweet.
It was a heartless thing to do.
The policemen haven't got a clue.
I simply can't imagine who
Would go and (burp) eat the baby.

hehe. i love that poem.

happy mother's day!


to my beautiful momma, my meem, my nana, my sisters megen & kristen, my aunts tatau, rosie & dyan, my cousin kate, my friends shellie, matt & adam (dogmoms!), sara (dogmom!), sara's mommy ann, corey's mother joyce ann, and to every mother.

my momma! the best mom in the whole world.

we had a lovely mother's day today despite the inclement weather. it was nearly black outside at 1pm, and not a lot brighter at 3pm when my family met at a local restaurant for mother's day lunch. we all had a great time, laughing and exchanging gifts and having a wonderful time.

something happened to me this mother's day that's never happened to me before: i was wished happy mother's day, and was given mother's day gifts by my mother and sisters.

i am a godmother to gracie, and a dogmom to hank & willie. i officially qualify as a mother.

i am so blessed with the most wonderful family, and the most wonderful mother.

no poison & my family


from top, left to right: megen & kristen; dylan; gracie's first spaghetti;
kirk & gracie; daddy; gracie's first lemon;
megen 5 months pregnant; megen, kristen & mom; kristen

dr. gudgel called me this morning with interesting, frightening news about hank, and about willie.
he'd been speaking to several other area veterinarians after one of them said he'd had several cases come in that looked like parvo, but all tested negative for the parvovirus.
one of the veterinarians had a case that looked like parvo, but tested negative, so he tested again. the second test was also negative, so he thought there might be something wrong with his testing; maybe it had become too warm at one point, rendering it no longer viable. the dog he was treating was clearly a parvo case, vomiting, diarrhea, weight loss, lethargy, weakness... all of the same symptoms that willie had displayed when i first took him to the vet. everyone in the vet clinic thought it had been parvo with willie, too, and he tested negative, twice.
this particular doctor was so convinced it was parvo that he continued treating the dog for parvo despite the negative tests, and unfortunately the dog died.
the other doctors in the veterinarian association had all explained that they'd had frighteningly similary experiences with dogs in the last week, and they'd all lost dogs to what they thought was parvo, but all had tested negative for parvo as well.
my doctor was the only one who hadn't lost a dog to this particular illness, and said he'd been treating two dogs from the same household with these exact symptoms, and he'd deduced that it had indeed not been parvo, but poisoning with the first dog, and the second dog from the household was now under his care for what first presented as hookworms, but since the hookworms were taken under control the dog was now presenting with the same symptoms as the first dog from the household.
he was speaking of my household. he was speaking of willie and hank.
the horrifying moral to the story is that there is either some serial dog-poisoner on the loose in temple, or there is a new, as-yet unknown viral strain affecting dogs in this area with symptoms that present as parvo, and are exacerbated by parvo medication and treatment.
the doctors are leaning towards the latter.
if you have a dog, and if that dog starts vomiting, or having diarrhea, or becomes lethargic and weak with a sudden, noticeable weight loss, get your dog to the vet post haste. have them tested at least twice for parvo; my understanding is that two similar test results are accurate.
hank will be in the animal hospital until at least tuesday as he started having diarrhea, never stopped vomiting, and lost more weight. the doctor again sounded a little grim on the phone this morning, and although he was excited about this discovery with the other doctors, he still couldn't make any promises to me that hank would survive it, but is hoping for the best as with willie, that he'll pull through.
i hope so. i sure miss hank. willie is pining for him like hank pined for willie when he was away. i am too.
i had a wonderful time with my whole family tonight. we all went out for dinner; mom, dad, me, megen, kristen, kirk, dylan & gracie. we shut the joint down. we're loud, we laugh a lot, we tend to make a mess; we're a force to be reckoned with, us mcgee clan. we had a good time. it was a precursor to tomorrow's outing: mother's day at cactus jack's. they won't know what hit 'em.

great news & hank news


the good news first :
i mentioned a few posts ago that i had interviewed for the job i've wanted most for the last three years within the corporation i work for. i interviewed for it on monday, and found out today that I GOT IT!
i'll be going to work for public safety (hey jann!) within sprint nextel on may 29th, two weeks from today. it's the most amazing organization at sprint nextel, and i've literally wanted that job since my orientation on my very first day at sprint nextel three and a half years ago, when i first heard of it. i knew that's where i wanted to be, no matter how long it took me to get there.
i'm there.
now the hank news:
he was supposed to be coming home this morning, but the doctor said that he's not ready to come home; he hadn't stopped vomiting, and the infestation of hookworms was worse than he first thought. he'd started hank on an IV drip for fluids and nourishment last night, because they'd attempted hand feeding him yesterday and last night, and he couldn't keep anything at all down. the hookworms looked like they weren't dying as fast as they normally do, either. i'm not sure what that means.
he said that hank might be coming home on monday, although there was a chance he might be able to come home as early as tomorrow. i have a feeling that's not going to happen though, and i certainly don't want to rush hank any more than i wanted to rush willie when it comes to getting out of the vet, and out from under his care. i just want my dogs to both be back to normal again: happy, healthy, blissfully canine in their behavior.
willie is back to normal. he just had a bath, which means that i had a shower. he's do damn big, and just thinks it's hilarious to jump out of the bathtub while he's covered in shampoo, right after i've started to rinse him off , while his fur is full of soapy water. "hahaha" he says, because it's so funny. back in the tub he goes as i lift him back in, all forty-five pounds of him, soaking myself in the process. he likes to act like he hates getting a bath, but i think he secretly loves it.
giving the dog a bath means i've also managed to get my bathroom floor mopped as well. you do the math.

hookworms & green apples


explaination of the photo in a moment; first, the important news:
hank is just fine. he's still at the vet because dr. gudgel wanted to keep him over night to rehydrate him. fortunatly he doesn't have what willie had - he had a raging case of hookworms. gross. they'd leeched the blood from his gums, and that was the first thing the vet tech looked at when we went in this morning; his gums were nearly white.
it's still good i caught it when i did, which still seems like i could have caught it sooner if i hadn't thought he was avoiding food due to depression while willie was in the hospital. it's treatable and curable, and the doctor is sending medication home with hank tomorrow, and a full course for willie too, so he doesn't get it as well.
i am now dr. gudgel's endentured servant.
now for the photo: surprise! i have an apple tree in my back yard! i had no idea... i know that sounds dumb, but i swear, i don't think i've ever seen a real-live apple tree before; there aren't that many apple trees in central texas.
the fruit must have been tiny last time i was in the back yard, because i didn't see it. i only saw it on accident this morning; something bright green caught my eye, and my first thought was "horse apples", those bright green, bumpy seed pods, but on closer inspection i found that they're actual apples; bright green, immature apples.
i'm absolutely thrilled to have an apple tree in my back yard. free pie all summer long! free snacks! if i eat one a day, hopefully the doctor will stay away.
i wonder if dogs like apples...

willie, pining for hank, yet thrilled to be back home, rolling in the clover in the back yard.

hank's going to the vet


still no diarrhea, which is good news. no vomiting except once last night, also good.
however, still no eating, no drinking, and no energy. that's not good. hopefully, whatever it is, the doctor will be able to fix it, just like he did with willie.

round two: this time it's hank


my worries about hank were right; he's sick. he's not hemmorhaging like willie was, but he's completely refusing all food, he's become listless and lethargic, and he seems to have gotten downright skinny since yesterday. he is drinking, but very little, and very seldomy. the one bright spot in all of this is that the water he's drinking, when he does decide to drink, has pedialyte in it, which may be keeping diarrhea at bay. still, he's been vomiting since yesterday when i got home from work. just water and mucous.
my vet's office was closed by the time anyone ever got back to me, but an after-hours veterinarian called me and i explained the whole situation to him, and he suggested that since hank's not hemmorhaging and has no diarrhea, but has been vomiting and showing no desire to eat, to treat this as a severely upset stomach tonight by giving him 8cc of pepto bismol, allow him to drink water if he wants it, and bring him into the clinic tomorrow morning.
get thee behind me, satan.
if you've been praying for willie, well, as the bible says, "pray without ceasing". please keep hank in your prayers, also.
good news about willie; he's gotten his appetite back, and seems to be tolerating food pretty well in small portions. he's definitely got his strength back as he all but knocked me over when i let he and hank inside the house after going outside for a wee. i just gave him his evening pill, which is becoming increasingly more difficult; he's figured out the hotdog trick and found a way to foil my ruse. i've been slicing bits of hotdog about 2 inches long, inserting the pill, and he's been swallowing it whole, as he usually does with, well, most things. somehow he caught on, and has now started actually chewing the hotdog, finding the pill and spitting it on the floor. this leads to "willie, sit. willie, sit. willie, honey, sit for momma. willie, please sit. sit. sit. sit sit sit. sit! willie! get back here!" , and then hand-pilling him, which is no small feat just to get the pill into his mouth. making him swallow that pill is another comedy of errors altogether.
hank is resting right now, it seems comfortably, in willie's crate, nestled on top of a huge, stuffed fluffy, fuzzy dog pillow/stuffed animal. it's his favorite dog toy because he can sleep on it. i hope the pepto settles his tummy enough to make him hungry for a little food, and also enough so that he can have a good nights sleep tonight.

touch and go


we're having lots of naps today.
it was a bit of a rough night last night, and i think it's my fault; i think i fed willie a bit too much, and gave him a little too much water due to my ignorance as to what's enough and what's too much. it's tough to have a hungry dog who gets sick from food. i'm a feeder by nature. my mom made me that way. that's what we do.
still, my best efforts to temper his illness with his "mom, i'm hungry" looks ended up making willie sick last night. he did take all of his medication, but ended up vomiting twice last night, mostly what he'd eaten, and a lot of mucous. since i'm a sympathetic vomiter, willie wasn't the only one nauseated... i never threw up, but gagged my way through both cleanups. trying to breathe through my nose and talk myself through it seemed to keep the barf at bay, but i was nearly blinded by the water in my eyes from gagging, and now i need to shave my legs again. that's the reason i always brush my teeth before i shower & shave my legs: brushing my teeth makes me gag, and gagging gives me goosebumps, and goosebumps ruin a good shave.
i ended up doing several loads of laundry last night as willie was, shall i say, creative with his fluids; he managed to vomit all over every inch of bedding in his crate, a throw rug, clean laundry and two pair of my shoes. and that was the first time he threw up.
the above photo is of my boys having a nap in willie's crate, laying in a sunbeam.
hank threw up a few times last night as well, mostly just water, and probably just due to the pedialyte in the water bowl. hank's a drinker and lapped up quite a bit of water. still, he seems to look a bit thin to me today, and he didn't eat his breakfast this morning, nor did he ever eat his dinner last night. i hope this isn't indicative of some sort of illness with him as well. to be safe, i called the vet and he'll be calling me back when he's out of surgery. i'm praying for psychosomatic symptoms with hank.
willie ate this morning and took both of his meds with minimal protest (he doesn't like the liquid, so that was a bit of a mess, and he spit up his pill three times before i finally tricked it into him hidden in a spoonful of peanut butter, which he eats right off of the spoon.) and the good news is that i think i fed him the right amount this morning because he kept it down, even after an almost-generous intake of water from the pedialyte-water bowl in the kitchen. i'm keeping it on the counter out of immediate reach of the boys; we have "water dates" together in the kitchen every once in a while for a family drink. i'm sticking to bottled water sans pedialyte, myself.
my comment feature hasn't been working for several days for some reason, but it seems to be back up and functional. thanks, blogger. you're always there for me. why must you torture me so?

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  • photographer. singer. soapcrafter. herbalist. dogmom. godmother. fantastic cook. i kiss better than i cook. [all photographs on this blog copyright melissa mcgee unless otherwise noted.]
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