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and then there were 43

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i finally came up with my 43rd "thing" for my 43 things list.
however, i didn't want to make 43 seem any more significant than any of the others by virtue of it being the last - same as number 1 isn't any more significant, so i REARRANGED THEM ALL. just to mess with my own head, really.
then i started on my 43 places and then my 43 people, both of which are currently significantly less than 43, and just one more nugget of proof to me that i spend too much time online.
i'm off tomorrow to while away the hours, waiting with baited breath for the trained monkey from time warner cable to come out and install my roadrunner. i am convinced that time warner is exclusively staffed by minions of satan. but hey - i'm off work. even though i'll be landlocked until the roadrunner guy shows up, at least i won't be at work.
then on friday, i work my last day at NT2... then on to public safety! i got to go into the public safety office today for the first time; saw my desk, even. it was very cool... very "inner sanctum" feeling to it. my id badge was security upgraded today to allow me entrance into the office. also very cool...
i would like to end this post by saying that flickr gamma SUCKS IT.

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