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baby's back home

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after five days in the veterinary hospital, my willie has finally come back home.
the doctor said that the toxins he ingested were much stronger than any sort of organic poison; his best guess is antifreeze. antifreeze. he thinks that someone intentionally threw something soaked in antifreeze into my back yard for my dogs to eat, like bread, or a piece of meat. antifreeze is extremely sweet, and cats and dogs both love the way it tastes. it's also a deadly toxin. i hate to believe that someone might have done that. it's not the sort of thing that would be considered a joke, or something to just make a dog sick. my vet told me that cruel, mean, horrible people do that because they know antifreeze will kill a dog. it doesn't take much, either. people have lost cats and dogs due to antifreeze leaks in their driveway left behind by their car. the fact that willie survived, if that's indeed what it was that made him so sick, is a testament to his strength.
willie and i came home, and i thought hank was going to come right out of his white hair. he bucked like a damn bronco, barking and wagging his little stump and willie, exhausted and still a bit weak and wiped out, did nearly the same thing despite his exhaustion. they spent considerable time walking in circles, sniffing each other as dogs do to say hello, and they talked to each other and barked and whined and chattered, then spent a little time running around. it was precious. hank and willie, together again. both of my babies.
willie has had his liquid medication, has to have it thirty minutes before eating, then i gave him his turkey & rice baby food mixed with canned puppy food, and he ate a good amount of it. it was only about a cup of food altogether, but he did pretty well. he then had a little piece of hotdog with his antibiotic pill shoved in the middle of it. swallowed it whole. i'm having to give him water with pedialyte in it to keep his electrolytes up, but he doesn't seem to mind, and it's non-flavored.
hank can't quite figure out why they're both having dinner tonight in their respective crates. both of my boys are crate-trained, and have their own huge, "large breed" dog crates. i refer to them as their "bedrooms", and they're parked in my bedroom. they don't mind them at all, in fact they enjoy being in them and go in their crates willingly all of the time. they view them as a safe place, and sleep together in willie's crate every night, door open. but tonight they're having to have dinner in them to keep their food separated so hank gets his regular puppy food, and willie gets his special blend. since he's spent the last 5 days eating in a crate i suspect that's the reason he didn't protest at all. hank, on the other hand is utterly offended at the mere idea. hasn't touched a bite and won't stop letting me know how dissatisfied he is with the whole situation.
he's the sassy, headstrong boxer in the family.
i've taken tomorrow off of work to stay home with my boys. i plan on babying them both to the point of spoiling them rotten, seeing to it that willie eats, drinks and takes his medications at their prescribed times, and gets lots of naps in his own bed, in his own bedroom, with his little brother curled up beside him. i'm going to love on him more than i ever have as well.
although that's going to be a tough act to follow after tonight.

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  1. Anonymous sayra 

    SUCH A RELIEF!!! I have had everyone at my office crossing their fingers this week!

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