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fevered brains & room for squares

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my brain won't stop going. all day long today, i had the feeling that there was something big on my mind, but i couldn't quite pinpoint it. it was this weird combination of feeling that you've forgotten something and having something really big going on in your life and having to push it from the foreground of your mind to keep your mind on work or other every day life events. only as nearly as i can figure, i haven't forgotten anything and there's nothing big or traumatic going on in my life that i've having to shove back so i can get work done. it's weird.
i couldn't hold a single thought today for more than a few seconds. several times today the thought crossed my mind that maybe i was dreaming, but i wasn't.
i did have a somewhat monumental disappointment yesterday; nothing i really care to go into right now. suffice it to say that i'm disappointed, and i feel a little silly for hoping for the best and expecting the best. my mother always told me to hope for the best and expect the worst. it's a safety net in case the worst happens; it's not a surprise that way. if the best actually happens you're just pleasantly surprised.
my expectations were set too high and the consequences of that are, what else, disappointment. huge disappointment. i'll live.
i've been listening to john mayer a lot lately. can't stop listening to him, actually. i go in cycles, listening to specific artists; john mayer's room for squares is my favorite of his albums, and i'm a little obsessed with it, again. i've done this before.

last week it was ac/dc back in black. i cycle through that one a lot, too.

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