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getting punked & richard simmons

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for sayra: the first one from 5.26.06 is for you! i haven't forgotten about your crappy homemade present; i just had to put it on the back burner for a bit. it's coming, i promise!
if you need a good laugh, click this because, as my friend randy darnell said in his email, it's just "wrong". wrong, as in RICHARD SIMMONS and those crazy-tiny shorts with his ass hanging out of them, and that big, oversized boyfriend-beater shirt. and that afro. that freakish, richard simmons afro. that is one boy crazy little gay man.
wrong, yes. because it's so damn right.
this had me slapping my knees and laughing out loud. it's about 6.5 minutes - watch the whole thing, it just gets funnier and funnier. turn up the volume.
i had my LAST DAY in nt2 today! much to my surprise, my coworkers had decorated my desk and made me a cake and a "good luck!" sign! apparently, the original sign read "pack up your s*** and get the f*** out, b****." written by my friend tracy. she's a nutball.
then, i got punked. it was AWESOME! my department manager - the guy in charge of the entire IT department called me into his office, sat me down for what i mistakenly thought was going to turn out to be a run-of-the-mill exit interview, and started asking me what's been going on within my team lately. i wasn't sure where he was going with that line of questioning, and the confusion must have been apparent on my mug. he said he'd heard "some things" had been going on on my team, and i said that i hadn't heard anything and wasn't aware of anything going on within the members of my team; then i said "am i involved?" with even more confusion, but certain that whatever it was, there was no way i could have been involved with any of it. my fears were NOT assuaged when he told me that my name had come up specifically, but he just wanted to hear my side of things, and he didn't want to jump to any conclusions. what the...? now, not only was i thoroughly confused, but i was starting to get a little worried, wondering what the hell i could have done and NOT remembered. he kept pressing and pressing, and i kept telling him i didn't know what he was talking about, and he would answer me with things like "just be honest with me".
then tracy and another coworker friend damian came in the room, laughing their asses off. i looked at tyrone and he wasn't able to keep up the act any longer either, and busted out laughing. i said something to the effect of "y'all suck!" and started to leave tyrone's office, but decided it had been a pretty damn good practical joke, and i'm certainly no spoiled sport.
it was better than it *could* have been; they'd initially planned to have security contact me, then attempt to escort me out of the building. my friend justin, a wise, wise man, advised against doing that because he knew that i'd probably end up actually losing my job if they tried to do that. i'd have gone, but i'd have gone windmilling and screaming the entire way out to the parking lot. the police would have had to get involved just to get me out of the building, and then where would i be? probably coolin' my heels in the clink.
i love little debbie zebra cakes. there probably aren't any zebra cakes in the hoosgow.

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