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the great indoors

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my family went to dallas this morning to see my grandparents and my aunt rosie who's in town from hollywood for a week or so. i had planned to go up to dallas myself and stay through tomorrow, but with this creeping crap i've got, i'm in no condition to make the drive, and i don't want to get my family sick by breathing all over them. so crap.
i do feel a little better than i felt yesterday, but then again, yesterday, i made out my will and finished paying off my burial plot. i felt like i was shaking hands with the reaper man yesterday. so anything is an improvement.
since it doesn't look like i'm going to be getting out of my house, with the exception of possibly going to the pharmacy for some stave-off-death-for-one-more-day medicine, i decided to venture out into my backyard for some fresh air. i put on some actual clothing, temporarily discarding my uniform of the last 24 hours consisting of a thin little slip-dress of a nightie for when i have the sweats, and a huge, thick terrycloth robe for when i have the chills, and i trodded into the outdoors.
i was greeted as soon as i opened the back door by a huge hornet's nest, buzzing with construction workers wearing hardhats and of course, stingers.
for some reason, i plowed on anyway.
i found a place at the side of my house where hank & willie had clearly begun excavating, and decided that a big rock would do the trick to keep them from digging any deeper. i went to the fenceline where there just happen to be huge rocks - for some strange reason - and found the one that looked like a perfect fit, turned it over, and discovered i had disturbed a small village of what appeared to be fiddleback spiders. brown recluse spiders for those not living in texas. i'm not certain that's what they were, but i decided to err on the side of caution rather than inviting one onto my arm for closer inspection. i got the eff away from the rock and fiddleback village tut suite and decided that if hank & willie want to excavate, who am i to discourage them from learning a new trade?
i turned tail to get back in the house where there are less chances i'll develop flesh-eating necrosis from a bug bite, taking special care to scream like a harpy in my attempts to discreetly sneak by the now even larger hornet's nest. once inside, i discovered that in the less than five minutes i was outdoors, i collected approximately four thousand mosquito bites. pretty.
so much for the great outdoors. i'm staying inside today.
if i do venture out for more cold medicine, i'm definitely getting a can of raid.
or a flamethrower.

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