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great news & hank news

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the good news first :
i mentioned a few posts ago that i had interviewed for the job i've wanted most for the last three years within the corporation i work for. i interviewed for it on monday, and found out today that I GOT IT!
i'll be going to work for public safety (hey jann!) within sprint nextel on may 29th, two weeks from today. it's the most amazing organization at sprint nextel, and i've literally wanted that job since my orientation on my very first day at sprint nextel three and a half years ago, when i first heard of it. i knew that's where i wanted to be, no matter how long it took me to get there.
i'm there.
now the hank news:
he was supposed to be coming home this morning, but the doctor said that he's not ready to come home; he hadn't stopped vomiting, and the infestation of hookworms was worse than he first thought. he'd started hank on an IV drip for fluids and nourishment last night, because they'd attempted hand feeding him yesterday and last night, and he couldn't keep anything at all down. the hookworms looked like they weren't dying as fast as they normally do, either. i'm not sure what that means.
he said that hank might be coming home on monday, although there was a chance he might be able to come home as early as tomorrow. i have a feeling that's not going to happen though, and i certainly don't want to rush hank any more than i wanted to rush willie when it comes to getting out of the vet, and out from under his care. i just want my dogs to both be back to normal again: happy, healthy, blissfully canine in their behavior.
willie is back to normal. he just had a bath, which means that i had a shower. he's do damn big, and just thinks it's hilarious to jump out of the bathtub while he's covered in shampoo, right after i've started to rinse him off , while his fur is full of soapy water. "hahaha" he says, because it's so funny. back in the tub he goes as i lift him back in, all forty-five pounds of him, soaking myself in the process. he likes to act like he hates getting a bath, but i think he secretly loves it.
giving the dog a bath means i've also managed to get my bathroom floor mopped as well. you do the math.

2 Responses to “great news & hank news”

  1. Anonymous Jann 

    WOWWWZZZAAA! I'm so glad. Just between you and me (and the world) I put in a little whisper in my sup's ear.... You are going to be such a plus to the dept! Yippee!!

  2. Anonymous sayra 

    yay and oh no!

    congratulations on the job and i will pray for the hank! your poor boys have been through a lot lately.

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